Three Steps To Getting a Brighter, More Attractive Smile

If you wish you had whiter teeth and a brighter smile, there are ways you can lighten your teeth and maintain the results for a long time without too much effort. So if you are jealous of those bright celebrity smiles you see every day in the news and on social media, following our three steps to getting a more radiant smile can help you gain a dazzling smile you will be proud to show off and keep it looking good for longer.

Moreover, you can use modern technology to give you a bright smile you desire faster than ever before. By using professional in-clinic laser teeth whitening offered by Daiyah Aesthetic Clinic in London, you can gain a smile from seven to eleven shades whiter in just a one-hour treatment session!

Follow these three easy steps to gain a bright smile and maintain it for longer:

1: Book a Philips Zoom! Laser teeth whitening treatment 

In under one hour, you can achieve a bright smile between seven and eleven shades lighter, removing stains from smoking, food and drink and the yellowing effects of age on your teeth. The Philips Zoom! Laser teeth whitening system uses the latest technology to make brightening your teeth more straightforward than ever.

One thing to bear in mind is that teeth are not pure white in colour. Teeth have a naturally occurring colour variation which is perfectly normal and healthy. However, professional laser teeth whitening treatments can guarantee to lighten the shade of your teeth between seven to eleven shades lighter in just one session, leaving you with a noticeably brighter smile.

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2: Use tailored at-home teeth whitening kits

Following your Philips Zoom! Laser teeth whitening sessions at the Daiyah Aesthetic Clinic in London, our GDC-registered dentists provide a dedicated aftercare service that includes supplying you with a personally tailored at-home teeth whitening kit.

You can use the at-home teeth whitening kit to lock in the brightening effects of your in-clinic laser whitening treatment. You can use further at-home kits to help maintain your teeth’s brightness whenever necessary.

On average, our in-clinic laser teeth whitening clients have a top-up treatment once per year and will use our at-home teeth whitening kits to maintain the brightness of their smile all year long. 

3: Maintain your smile naturally

Following your in-clinic laser teeth whitening treatment, the first step towards keeping your teeth bright and white is to practice good oral hygiene. This includes brushing your teeth after breakfast and before bed and flossing between your teeth to remove plaque buildup in places your toothbrush cannot reach.

Reducing or avoiding highly staining food and drink will also help reduce stubborn stails forming on your teeth. Giving up smoking is one of the most effective ways to prevent the yellowing and staining of your teeth.

Remember that you can order professional-grade at-home teeth whitening kits from Daiyah Aesthetic Clinic in London to help maintain your bright smile between any in-clinic laser whitening treatments. These home kits are far more effective than any over-the-counter commercial teeth whitening products you can buy.

Why not book a consultation with our GDC-registered dental team to check your suitability for Philips Zoom! Laser teeth whitening treatment. We will assess your oral health and advise you of any dental treatment you may need before your session.

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