Baby Teeth and Permanent Teeth – Things You Need To Know

As far as a milk tooth is concerned, it will be there for certain amount of time and then it would naturally come out to be replaced by permanent teeth. In some cases when the period has come but the baby teeth have not fallen out and at the same time permanent teeth have already begun to rise, it would lead to some issues and proper dental treatment is required. It is possible to fix this by letting the paediatric dentist extract the baby teeth so that it would pave way for permanent teeth growing (ฟันแท้ ขึ้น ซ้อน, term in Thai) in a proper manner. 

Milk tooth and its importance

It is necessary to get to know about the basics of baby teeth. Lifespan of each milk tooth should be known in order to know how this whole thing works. Knowing reasons for milk tooth extraction and benefits of it should be known in order to make an informed decision in this regard. Milk teeth are developed from 6 months to 2 years time period and this is very much useful with that of chewing food and also proper development of speech and pronunciation. Front teeth will fall between the ages 6 and 7. Molar teeth will fall between the ages 10 and 12. 

Permanent teeth

The loosening and falling out of baby teeth is a natural process wherein the permanent teeth will develop by way of dissolving the roots of the milk teeth. If there is a delay in the falling out of the milk teeth then it would hamper the growth of the permanent teeth. Hence, it is absolutely necessary that parents choose to take the necessary steps to take the children to the right paediatric dentistry so that they will check and carry out the necessary process.

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Why milk teeth loosen prematurely?

On the other hand, if the milk teeth start to loosen and fall out before the given period, it is again required to meet the dentist and take the right course of action. The milk teeth will loosen before the mentioned time only if the root is decayed deep down. In such case, the problem can be corrected with root canal treatment. If the milk teeth falls prematurely it could affect chewing of food and also other aspects. It could affect speech and pronunciation. It also leads to loss of space for eruption of permanent teeth. 

Removing milk teeth

There are some basic steps and procedures for removing milk teeth and this include visiting a paediatric dentist who is experienced specifically to treat children in this issue. The dentist will give anaesthesia. The paediatric dentist at ToothFairy will do it in 2 steps. The anaesthetic is applied in the gum area first which will make the children less anxious in the first place. 3-5 minutes after the anesthetic is applied, the pediatric dentist will extract the baby teeth. After that the dentist will give gauze bites for stopping of bleeding. Tooth Fairy dental clinic in Bangkok provides for the best and professional services in this regard. Check out the site.