Back-To-School Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids!

The transition from summer vacation to school days is not an easy one. Children are used to enjoying themselves without worrying about homework and may not want to return to school. Back-to-school time calls for various changes in your child’s routine. An important change that you should ensure is healthy oral habits. 

Before your child starts school again, remember to brush up on their knowledge about oral hygiene. Teaching your child the right way to care for their teeth will benefit them in the long run. Speak to a Cumming, GA pediatric dentist if you are anxious about your child returning to school and ruining their dental health. 

Back-to-school oral hygiene tips for kids 

  • First, the morning routine. 

The first morning after a month-long summer vacation is never easy. Your child may not be thrilled about waking up early and getting ready for school. While there may be a ton of things to do on the morning of their first day, one thing you must forget is brushing. 

Brushing in the morning is one of the basics of oral hygiene. A parent should build this pattern from the first day, and their child will naturally catch the habit soon. 

  • Make brushing more fun for your child. 

You may be thinking about how one can make brushing a fun activity for a child. While this may seem absurd, you can do several simple things. For example, take your child to the store to pick out their favorite toothbrush, perhaps one with trinkets. They can choose their own choice of toothpaste and other dental supplies. 

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There are various kinds of toothbrushes for kids nowadays. Your child could pick up one with lights or their special cartoon character. Another way to make brushing fun and feel more rewarding is by giving your child a sticker every time they brush their teeth properly. 

  • A mouthguard to protect your child’s precious smile. 

You love your child, and the last thing you want is for them to lose their precious smile. While running around and playing on the field, children often get into accidents and chip, crack or break a tooth or two. That is why it is recommended to teach your kid about mouthguards. 

Mouthguards protect your child’s teeth when a ball comes spiraling and hits their face or when someone’s elbow accidentally strikes them. Children may find it irritating to wear mouthguards while playing. However, it is the parent’s responsibility to teach them how mouthguards can help avoid serious injuries. 

If your child’s teeth hurt, speak to a dentist in Georgia today.