Top Reasons That Could Lead to Weight Gain After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Thousands of individuals choose to undergo gastric bypass surgery hoping that they will finally make some progress in their weight loss mission. Generally, gastric bypass surgery is for people who have a BMI of more than 35 and suffer from various health problems. Many people have also achieved success with gastric bypass surgery. However, they also regained the lost weight very soon. If you are undergoing the same situation, then some factors could be behind your weight gain after gastric bypass surgery.

Although there are plenty of reasons that could contribute to weight gain after gastric bypass surgery in phoenix, we have mentioned a few main ones that are most common in all individuals.

  • Lifestyle Issues

Many individuals who choose gastric bypass surgery are not able to completely commit to the lifestyle it requires. They do not make the necessary changes and binge eat whatever they wish to. That particular population is more likely to experience weight gain post-surgery. Poor lifestyles will include unhealthy diet, alcohol, substance abuse, and more.

  • Prior Weight

If you are wondering how much weight can I expect to lose after gastric bypass also depends upon your weight before the surgery. That’s because even before the surgery, doctors suggest you lose some weight, and individuals who are unable to do so are more prone to weight regain post the surgery.

  • Mental Health

Mental health is an issue that is quite closely located to lifestyle and is quite a big factor in your weight gain problems. With mental health, different physical health conditions are closely associated. Someone who is suffering from depression, weight gain will be more likely to spiral around due to low confidence, self-esteem, and more.

  • Alcohol Or Drug Abuse
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It comes as no surprise that old habits of alcohol and drug abuse are more likely to revert back post-surgery. Additionally, some of the patients also begin to indulge in alcohol abuse post the surgery to replace another addiction. This can further lead to weight regain as well as complications for your health as well.

While concluding, we can say, even if you keep in mind all these pointers, there are still chances that you could regain weight after the gastric bypass surgery. Therefore, discuss everything before and after your surgery with your concerned weight loss surgeon to achieve the best possible results.