How to Pick A Dental Practice

Canadians have some of the healthiest teeth in the world. Statistics show that roughly 3/4 of Canada’s population visits a dentist at least once a year. That’s pretty good, but there are still another quarter who don’t seek regular dental care.  These people more often than not cite a fear of dentistry as their top reason for not getting professional care for their mouths.  For these people, finding the right dentist is critical as a bad dental experience could side track their dental care for the rest of their lives. So, finding the right dentist is especially important.

So, besides looking at reviews and credentials, how should you go about picking a dentist if you are leery of dentistry?  Here’s 4 ways that will hopefully help get you back into a dental chair.

Location, Location, Location

Find dentists that are convenient to your location. A dental practice in an area that you are familiar with, say close to your residence or business, can help alleviate any anxiety you may feel on your drive to the dentist. Get there fast and get it done. This could save you some pre- visit stress.  So, draw a radius in a part of town you like and find a dentist within that area.

Find Your Fit

If you are already nervous, you may want to find a practice that has a physical  set-up and philosophy that will best allow you to relax. Trillium Dental, a downtown Ottawa dentist, is a good example.    It’s website’s Zen-like feel sets the tone and shows a level of calm that is appealing. Other offices have themes that may fit your personality better.  Bradford Family Dentistry has movie themed rooms, for instance.

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Manage Expectations

It might not feel like it, but it’s okay to have a fear of something. However, your dentist visit isn’t the time to be bashful about it.  In order to have the most pleasurable dental experience, be honest with the practice about your apprehensions.  While it might be embarrassing for some to admit such a fear, the dental staff will be able to serve your needs if they know you aren’t keen on dental care. Since you won’t be their first nervous patient, they probably know the best steps to make you feel comfortable during your visit.

Treat Yourself Afterwards

Create a positive connection to your dental visits.  You know how parents often take their kids out for a treat after a dental visit, you should do the same for yourself.  Get a massage afterwards, treat yourself to your favorite restaurant (floss after), or take a walk in the park. Whatever makes you happy. Do it after your visits as a reward and to create a positive connection between the procedures.  While this might not get you into the chair the first time, it may very well keep you going back. City View Dental sits in the shadow of Rogers Stadium. So, you could round out your dental day by catching a Toronto Blue Jays if they were your dentist. That might make you want to schedule more appointments.

Oral health is vital to a person’s overall health. So, hopefully you can overcome your fear of dentistry and make your mouth a higher priority.