The pH of the body: how to balance it naturally?

We are acidic. And it is not a force of expression, it is a fact. With a diet rich in foods that increase the acidity of our organism (breads, dairy products, meats, sugars, soft drinks, caffeinated drinks, industrialized products, fruits, oilseeds etc), we increasingly present health problems related to the imbalance of the body’s PH. PH is the parameter of measuring acidity or alkalinity value, ​​ranging from zero (maximum acidity) to 14 (extreme alkaline), with 7 being neutral. You can measure the pH levels in the blood using saliva or urine. To learn more you can click here

What to do?

For a healthy and fit metabolism, we need to balance the PH level in our body. We can do it by consuming foods that help to balancing the PH level. However, we don’t have much time to take care of our body. Yoga, smart-exercises, healthy-diet, daily nutrition are dreams for many, due to their busy schedule and hectic life-style.

But, yes, there is a solution to overcome the situation. We present you the daily spray for good health. Now, you don’t need to cut-off your time from your busy schedule. Daily spray for good health helps you balancing the PH level in your body. It also improves your health and offers a stress-free goodnight sleep.

What happens if the blood pH is acidic?

An organism with excess acidity has its ability to absorb nutrients and minerals compromised, impairing the production of energy by e-cells and the elimination of toxins. Without this natural purification, the body is susceptible to inflammation and disease and even weight gain since the metabolism is slowed down by the extra effort it takes to put the system in order.

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Among the diseases related to long periods of a body in acid imbalance are arthritis, rheumatism, osteoarthritis, kidney stones, diabetes, lupus, ulcers, heart disease, high blood pressure, hormonal dysfunction, alteration of the intestinal flora and cancer. On a daily basis, the person may suffer from fatigue, migraine, insomnia, reduced mental capacity, fluid retention, constipation, loss of muscle mass, increased appetite, weight, and much more.

How to balance the pH?

Yes, healthy eating is the right answer. Healthy human blood is slightly alkaline – 7.4. To stay that way, the ideal is to consume 60% of alkaline-forming foods and 40% of acidifiers. To help with the mission, avoid cigarettes, amphetamines, excess caffeine, sugar, junk food and alcoholic beverages. And always, keep daily spray for good health by your side.