Benefits and Uses of Aloe Vera Gel

If anything proves that nature has the power to heal us, it’s aloe vera.  A short, fat succulent that stores water as a gel-like substance in the base of its thick leaves, aloe vera has been popularly used for centuries mostly as a treatment for burns.

But while it may be best known for its ability to soothe burns, that’s far from aloe vera’s only use.  Here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy by adding a good aloe vera gel to your beauty, hair, and skincare routines!

  1. Moisturiser (Daily or Overnight!): Aloe vera gel is mostly made of water, which makes it a great choice for hydrating thirsty skin. Add it to your morning routine to keep you skin soft and moisturized all day!  If you prefer to moisturise while you sleep, adding just a few drops of facial oil transforms aloe vera gel into a hydrating overnight mask.
  2. Makeup Base: Say goodbye to dry and irritated skin cause by foundations! By adding a small squeeze of aloe vera gel to your makeup primer, you can create a base for the rest of your makeup that lasts throughout the day, keeps everything moisturised, and gives your face a radiant glow.
  3. Dandruff Fighter: Aloe vera’s powerful moisturising effects can be applied to the head as easily as anywhere else on the body. If you have troubles with dandruff, an application of aloe vera gel directly onto your scalp helps repair damaged and dead skin cells and reduces itchiness and irritation.
  4. Stretch Mark Reducer: Aloe vera is so effective as a burn treatment because it works on skin at the epithelial level. This is also the layer of skin where stretch marks sit.  Rub some aloe vera onto those stretch marks and you should see quick results as it regenerates the skin cells.
  5. Hair Rejuvenator: The same proteolytic enzymes in aloe vera that fight dandruff also stimulate the follicles and promote hair growth. An application of aloe vera after shampoo and conditioner will leave hair repaired, and protected from further damage from the sun and heat.
  6. Redness Remover: You don’t have to be burned to suffer from red and splotchy skin. Luckily, aloe vera gel is an effective remedy for a large range of skin irritation issues.  Apply aloe vera gel to spots, marks, and discolouration’s to reap the benefits of its wonderful anti-inflammatory properties that will leave your skin smooth and bright.
  7. Eye Mask and Lip Balm: There truly is no limit to where aloe vera gel can be applied.  If you notice puffiness around your eyes, a drop or two of aloe vera can help soothe irritations and reduce swelling.  For chapped lips, a layer of the gel can leave them feeling soft and supple.
  8. Soothing Aftershave: Aloe vera works great to soothe irritations caused by blades just as well as it does damage from heat and the sun. Whether you’re shaving your face or shaving your legs, apply some aloe vera gel after to relieve razor burn and cool your skin.
  9. Makeup Remover: Adding aloe vera to a primer makes a great makeup base, but it can also be used as a gentle, natural makeup remover. Because of the high water content of the gel, aloe vera can be used to wipe away heavy and greasy makeup products and leave even the most sensitive of faces fresh and clean.
  10. Cold Sore Zapper: Rich in antiseptic agents, aloe vera is a natural inhibitor for fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Applying it to cold sores helps get rid of them fast, and may even boost prevention of future cold sores by generating antibodies that provide immunity against the virus that causes it.
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Aloe vera is natural, multifunctional, and safe for the vast majority of skin types.  With so many uses contained in a single tube, just think about how much money you could be saving on other products!  Investing in an aloe vera gel is one of the smartest—and least expensive—beauty decisions you can make.