Hair loss: Are you preventing it the right way? Here is the science.

It is hard to believe that where we humans have found a way to land the star closest to our Sun, there we also have failed to address the tiny-yet-major problem of hair loss. Yes, it is hard to believe, because it does not hold true anymore. We have all seen people walking with lowered eyes and pruned confidence, or have heard those dreadful tales of people facing this due to this problem called Baldness. But now with the advancement of science, this problem is pretty manageable. However, people yet get kept unaware of the actual science behind it. Why do hair fall? And what leads to the stop of hair fall? According to Patricks, hair loss shampoo for men in Australia is gaining trust and popularity. But why?

Why does Hair Loss happen?

It all starts to manifest itself from hair thinning, but it does not really start at hair thinning. There are root causes behind why hair fall. Sometimes it is hereditary but at other times it comes to be a stressed lifestyle. Testosterone, a male sex hormone that affects appearance and sexual development. But there is another sex hormone called DHT (or Dihydrotestosterone) which comes into play and kicks hair off the scalp. DHT and Testosterone are androgens, which start to cause issues in the body upon getting too low or too high in amount. They impact the life cycle of hair. Hair grows inside small pockets called follicles, and these follicles produce several hair strands into their lifetime.  This cycle involves four phases – Anagen ( in which hair grows); Catagen (In which the hair growth slows down); Telogen (also called resting phase); and Exogen (where the hair follicle shrinks to cause the hair to fall at last). Some 10 % of Testosterone gets converted into DHT with the help of the enzyme 5-Alpha Reductase. This DHT enters the bloodstream and connects to the receptors at the hair follicle, telling it to shrink. This shrinking causes hair to fall out without any space left to grow again.

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How does science work to treat this Hair Loss issue?

Science works on treating many branches that lead to hair loss. There are many factors that grow up to this problem, and there are ways to deal with them:

  • Introducing dietary changes: Various foods can help contribute toward inhibiting the production of DHT. Pumpkin Seeds, Spinach, Banana, Beetroot, Coffee, etc., helps lowering their number.
  • Bringing Meditation into the lifestyle: Where stress disrupts the normal hormonal working, there a reduction in stress can help bring it up to normalcy. Meditation is considered as the need of the 21st century due to the ever-increasing stress in this economy-centric world.
  • Using Hair Loss products: Where people anyhow use hair products, there replacing them with those that help prevent hair loss can do wonders. According to Patricks, hair loss shampoo for men in Australia is gaining popularity, and for all the good reasons. Shampoo is a part of our lifestyle, and the right sort of shampoo can do wonders.

Patricks offer a collection of shampoos to help you treat your hair loss – These products are created based on scientific research to serve you the hair growth and love you deserve. Its natural ingredients work by blocking DHT, 5-Alpha Reductase, helping dandruff vanish, providing antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, thereby bringing back your natural hair-growth cycle.