The Danger of Lead in Tap Water 

Lead in the tap water we drink is unfortunately a phenomenon that quite widespread, found in millions of homes and public places around the country. It is a curse from the past, the result of lead plumbing which, over time, deposits minute amounts of lead into the water we drink. This is a crucial point to remember because when municipal drinking water leaves the treatment plants, it is very certainly safe to drink – the problem lies in the plumbing. 

There is, however, no cause for alarmism. It is in your health interests to do something about the lead in your tap water, but it does not present an imminent danger to health and there are many different things you can do about it. For example, Synergy Science, a company specializing in health products like purified water and hydrogen water, say that one the main reasons for the interest in their products is dissatisfaction with the quality of tap drinking water. 

The Effects of Lead on Our Health 

So, what negative effects can lead have on our health when we consume it over time? The fact that it this is “over time” is important to state, and so too is the fact that there many legal requirements for modern plumbing (and even existing plumbing) that aims to limit or completely remove any lead content in municipal drinking water. Nevertheless, consuming lead is not good for our health. 

One of the main problems that can arise from lead consumption is kidney damage. As the organ which must remove toxins from your system, the continual processing of highly toxic lead (albeit in minute quantities) can over time damage the kidneys. There is also a link between lead consumption and high blood pressure. 

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You may have heard the famous story of the outbreak among certain ancient Roman societies of a madness that seemed to only spread. It was later concluded that this was indeed down to the lead plumbing the Romans used. Lead can certainly cause certain cognitive problems. However, it should be noted that there will be nowhere near sufficient lead levels in any drinking water to cause anything like that ancient occurrence! Nonetheless, lead consumption has been linked to mental impairment, again over time. 

How to Remove Lead from Tap Water 

Setting aside that there is no immediate cause for alarm, the effects of lead on health are certainly alarming enough for many to want to do something about the lead content in the water they drink. Here are a couple of tips for doing so:

Consider Water Filtration

Water filter systems are the best way to remove not only lead from your drinking water, but also many other harmful contaminants as well. You can purchase a water filter decanter, allowing you to filter the water after it comes out of the faucet, or you can install a filter system right into your faucets. 

Attend to Your Plumbing

Considering that there are municipal laws that limit the amount of lead plumbing within an area, it is very often something small like a particularly old fitting or stretch of pipe which is causing the lead contamination. By having your plumbing inspected, you could well discover what is causing the lead contamination. 


There are of course many alternatives to municipal drinking water. From purified water to cleaned and filtered water, there are countless alternatives present on the shelves of any given store. Sometimes this can be the better option, especially if you have an expensive replumbing job on your hands. 

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In any case, if you cannot limit the lead content of your drinking water, it probably shouldn’t be your drinking water.