Authenticity Mentor Zack Blakeney guides you to CTRL+ALT+DELETE Binge and Emotionally Charged Eating

‘Not THIS feeling again.’

‘But Monday is a fresh start, and I can make up for it with a couple hours of cardio, and I’ll just eat less, waaaayyy less.’

‘That will make up for it.’

‘But why do I still feel bad? But why did I do that to myself again?’

Emotional charged binge eating has become a major problem for many women in 2020. The problem most likely isn’t anything new, but the social restrictions with the initial stay home orders reduced daily actions that were being used as distractions to avoid dealing with the internal struggles within, bringing them to light in a manner to be recognized as truth to be healed.

One major recognition or awakening, as a result of the easy access to food in the household, was an unbalanced relationship with food.

Women traditionally eat too little calories and perform too much cardio in an effort to achieve their fitness goals. As a result, the underconsumption of calories, and physical overexertion of the body, keeps their body weight stagnant, while also stimulating late night eating with the body literally starving for calories causing seemingly uncontrollable cravings for salt, sugars, and unhealthy fats.

This late night mindless eating, or binge eating, has become a cycle that many women have struggled with for years, or even decades, but is now being more readily addressed with the awakening of 2020.

Another catalyst of this awakening was the volatile social environment, with job loss, fear of sickness, loss of loved ones from sickness, riots, political unrest, and financial trouble as vehicles for emotional suffering.

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As a result, many women began to binge on unhealthy snacks and “comfort” type foods that were high in calories, and low in nutritional value as a way to cope with the stress and anxiety they felt.

Developing an emotional attachment to these foods, or they became aware that this was always the case. Combine this type of eating with little to no physical activity from gym closures, and rapid weight gain became the result, along with women unsatisfactorily picking their bodies apart.

As for the answers to the previously stated questions of “Why?”

Although the physical atonements of cardio and fasting can help prevent further weight gain, they can’t cancel out the emotional disappointment of surrendering to a destructive behavior that has repeatedly caused them so much internal suffering.

That “feeling” is really a mix of the lowest frequency feelings, regret, guilt, and shame.

Holding these feelings inside daily, results in the lack of confidence and self-discipline they so desperately desire, which is really self-love disguised.

Think about that for a moment. When you say you are going to do something that requires discipline and you do it, how do you feel? Proud and accomplished.

But when you do the opposite, and do not hold up the standard you set for yourself, regret, guilt, and self-loathing is sure to follow.

So how do you stop the repetitive and destructive cycle?

It’s definitely not an overly restrictive diet, that stimulates more of this destructive behavior.

And starving yourself with hours of cardio to “cancel it out” is just putting a bandaid on the open wound that never heals.

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It starts with monitoring your thoughts, and the attachment you have to the stories your brain tells you to trick you into binging, again, and again, and again.

A truth you may have never heard before, but can be the first step to your liberation, is that your thoughts are not you.

If your thoughts were you, you wouldn’t feel the internal suffering in your gut every time your brain tricks you into thinking you can eat that pint of ice cream and bag of chips and not feel bad about yourself afterwards.

All stimulating the same disappointing reaction, “I shouldn’t have done that”. Who do you think the “I” is that you are referring to?

You guessed it, that’s the real you. The authentic you. The soul that lives within your body, trying desperately to grab your attention, just for a moment to put in it’s two cents before you act.

Your thoughts are a product of a computer made of organic matter; we call the human brain.

And that organic computer can be reprogrammed with simple changes to its “code”.

Such as the CTRL+ALT+DELETE Method, a mindfulness practice that can give your soul a moment to CONTROL your emotions, ALTER your thinking, and DELETE the thoughts that do not serve you.

Such as that previously stated deceptive story your brain likes to tell you.

It’s the moment your soul has been waiting for, giving you the time and space to make a wise choice, before making an action you will later regret.

So, the next time you feel the emotional impulse to binge eat, take a moment to simply say ‘CTRL+ALT+DELETE’ and let your soul speak.

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Permanently deleting binge and emotionally charged eating out of your life, allowing space for confidence and self-love to fill your heart.

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