Secrets to a Youthful Skin: What You Need to Do

The condition of the skin on your neck, face, décolleté reveals your age and your health condition. The environment in which you live and your genes play a huge role in the ageing of your body and can prevent you from having perfect youthful skin. If you have wrinkles and fine lines, discolouration on your face and neck, you might look older than you are.

There is no doubt that ageing is inevitable, but what you do with your skin can prevent premature ageing and you can look beautiful and youthful no matter your age. We have compiled a list of suggestions as to how you can achieve this youthful-looking skin in no time. Let’s take a look.

1) Eat Healthy Foods

Adding nutritious food to your regular diet can help combat premature ageing of the skin. Incorporate fruits, vegetables, superfoods and whole grains into your daily diet. Start by adding:

  •       Quinoa
  •       Avocados 
  •       Almonds
  •       Tomatoes

These foods will not only help you achieve good health but also add to the glow of your skin.

2) Avoid White Sugar

White sugar in sodas, sweets, carbonated beverages and pre-packaged foods can add to an insulin spike which in turn can cause inflammation in your body especially the face. Taking excess sugar can cause blemishes to your skin.

3) Take Fish Oil

Fish oil enriched with omega-3 fatty acids is believed to have heart-friendly properties and is also amazing for your skin. This is because omega-3 contains EPA and DHA.

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EPA contains benefits for the skin. It helps regulates oil production, gives a boost of hydration and prevents breakouts. Moreover, omega-3 prevents the appearance of wrinkles. You can take fish oil in the form of supplements from and get them delivered easily.

4) Drink Lots of Water

Water is life. The organs of our body need water to function then why not skin which is the largest organ of the body. Drink water as much as you can and avoid beverages. Take liquids in form of fresh fruit juices which will help flush out toxins from your body giving you youthful skin in no time.

 5) Limit Alcohol Intake

Alcohol may be irresistible to you but its disadvantages are worth not the risk of drinking it in excess. If you are a habitual alcohol drinker, you might want to limit your intake or try to quit alcohol altogether. This is because; alcohol affects the liver which is responsible for many parts of the health of your skin.