What Situations Are Considered As An Eye Emergency?

The eyes are one of the most important sensory organs in our body. Anything bad happening to them is nothing less than an emergency. However, not everyone realizes that; in fact, many people just want to avoid a needless trip to the doctor. But, doing so can cost you your vision.

So, it is important to familiarize yourself with situations that need more than just cold water splash on the eyes.

Here are some situations when you should visit an eye specialist in Abu Dhabi at the earliest.

1- Traumatic eye injury/accident

Accidents and eye injuries are common types of eye emergency situations. Any accident that involves having a foreign object entering your eye, a blunt force trauma and even burns require immediate medical attention.

By the time you reach the professionals, apply a cold compress to the affected area. Avoid adding any pressure when using the cold compress.

2- Foreign body in the eye

The presence of the foreign body in the eye can scratch the cornea – a transparent tissue that covers the eye’s front part. It can even cut the eyelid or the eye. If such issues are left untreated, you can end up damaging your eyes further.

Until you reach the professional’s office, avoid rubbing the eye. This is because even tearing is enough to wash the speck out.

3- Chemical burn

The delicate tissues make our eyes are vulnerable to chemicals.

So, if you come across any situation that has resulted in chemical drops entering your eye, then flush the eye with saline or water for 15 minutes. Avoid neutralizing it with any other chemicals. Leave the eye uncovered and visit an eye specialist at the earliest.

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4- Changes in the appearance of one or both the eyes

Changes in the appearance of one or both eyes can be an indication of a serious eye problem. Although the red-eye is typically a result of conjunctivitis or pink eye. It is always best to seek a professional’s help.

This is because changes in appearance can hint at underlying conditions, too. With early intervention and diagnoses, you can prevent the condition from deteriorating further.

5- Noticeable vision changes

A vision change that happens over time isn’t as concerning as a vision change that comes on suddenly.

Typically vision change happens when there is a problem with the retina or cornea. It is best to seek the right help to determine what is causing the sudden changes and prevent permanent vision loss.

Signing off

Your eyes are precious. Don’t let your inability to judge the situation cost you your vision.

If you or a loved one falls under either of these situations, ensure to visit an eye specialist in Abu Dhabi at the earliest to receive the right care.