Nourishing And Feeding Are Not The Same Thing

Three closely related words that have lent themselves to confusion: eat, feed and nourish. It is common knowledge that to eat well; it is necessary to ensure the five nutritional groups. However, for some reason, it is widespread to hear the famous saying: “I’m going to eat something to kill hunger” and in that we fall into many mistakes such as eating bread with a soda, a snack, fast food like “hot dog” or some other junk food like instant soups, but…. but what is happening to health?

Feeding is eating to survive while nourishing is a process referring to the metabolism and biological activities at the cellular level in our body. It obtains the macro and micronutrients necessary for its proper functioning. So eating is only the fact of introducing food through the mouth, because according to the dictionary defines eating as: “taking food by mouth, excellent food; chewing it and swallowing it so that it passes to the stomach.”

It has always been thought that everything eaten is food, but it is not so in practice. We consume things or products that, just because they are edible, do not mean that they always provide nutrients.

improve our mood  is no longer a voluntary action but a process that occurs within our body. How? With the food and beverages ingested, the body breaks down each meal and food, takes the most important and most functional, and conducts it to the cells. Likewise, our body takes care of getting rid of everything that is not necessary for it.

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Learning how to nourish ourselves gives us the possibility and the motivation to build the basis for a healthy and active life. Food is not only the first need of human beings, but it also allows us to thrive and enjoy good physical and mental health.

Healthy eating consists of eating various foods that provide you with the nutrients you need to stay healthy, feel good, and have energy throughout the day.

These nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, water, vitamins, and minerals, mainly found in fruits, meats, cereals, and vegetables.

Adequate nutrition allows us to have a healthy lifestyle when we are young and decreases the probability of acquiring diseases in adulthood. At this point, habits play a vital role.

When we eat healthily, we get sick less because our body regulates itself naturally, defends us better, and gives us the necessary nutrients to protect us.

Obtaining vitamins and minerals allows us to better concentration, improve our mood, prevent stress and cognitive impairment.

However, many are unaware that eating healthy helps prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, anemia, osteoporosis, and cancer. This is where nutrition coaching is of great help.

Nutrition coaching does not replace, nor is it intended to replace, the technical knowledge of the dietitian-nutritionist/nutritionist. That is to say, on the one hand, there is the technical knowledge available to the dietitian-nutritionist that allows him/her to make an assessment of the patient’s nutritional status and design the appropriate nutritional guideline for each particular situation. On the other hand, the approach of nutrition coaching comes to add up to get the patient to carry out that guideline.

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Nutritional coaching does not enable you to make dietary prescriptions, that is to say, to design a nutritional guideline or diet as it is popularly known. That is the qualified D-N job, so you should be wary of people who call themselves nutritional coaches and offer diets since that is not their function. Ideally, it is the D-N who integrates this new approach in his or her professional performance.

Nutritional coaching is a methodology through which you can identify and overcome his or her challenges, creates the appropriate environment, and gets the determination and attitude necessary to achieve the change in his or her diet, reaching, in turn, an improvement in other aspects of his or her person and lifestyle. So if you have problems understanding what you should eat to keep your body in optimal conditions, look for nutrition coaching closer to you, or if you prefer, you can find some online professionals that you can go to no matter where you are.