How can yoga help to reduce stress?

Stress cannot be curtailed from our everyday schedule, but there are ways to lessen the intensity. Prolonged stress in life will take toll your physical, mental and emotional health. It even affects your digestion, libido, sleep and relationship. Yoga is a physical practice through which you can relax yourself and lower the stress level.

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How does yoga help to reduce stress?

If yoga is practiced in the right manner, it can help your body in the following ways.

Relaxes the body – Regular yoga practice can be as soothing as a massage or a hug. It reduces the tension and relaxes the physical body. Some of the yoga postures have calming effect on the entire body. The inversions and the forward bends are effective postures to reduce the levels of stress and relax your body.

Calms the mind – Anxiety can enhance the stress level and makes our mind busy. The mind can reach the state of restlessness and you are not able to focus on a particular thing at one time. You can sooth your stressed mind through meditation. Mediation is a powerful art of yoga and it helps to slow down the mind and relax.

Breath effectively – Tension and stress cause rapid breathing in an individual. When you practice yoga, it offers an opportunity for you to breathe effectively. During the yoga practice, you breathe by utilizing the entire lung capacity and the diaphragm. Some of the Pranayam techniques like Ujjayi and Brahmari are efficient in reducing stress.

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Connection of mind and body strengthens – When your mind and body are in synchronization with each other, it generates peace and harmony in life. Yoga will teach you to listen to your body and be sensitive to the movements. It will help you live in a more conscious, connected and mindful way.

Releases emotional energy – Negative emotions such as guilt and anger causes stress in life. Emotional pressure is often vented out through shouting and screaming which can be avoided through yoga. Yoga will help to release your emotional energy in a convenient way.

Yoga and meditation are the effective tools to relax and unwind yourself internally. Yoga teaches you to tackle the stressful situations in positive way. This way, you will be able to lead a healthier and happier life.