Massage in Mumbai – How to Prepare for A Body Spa

A full body massage in Mumbai helps ease muscle tension, reduces anxiety, and helps relieve pain. But many people get nervous about the idea of going to a spa and some of them have their first spa experience when they get a gift card to a Massage center in Mumbai. And if you are worried about knowing what to do and how to prepare for a massage session, then follow this guide –

How to Prepare for A Body Spa?

Muscle pain and physical as well as mental stress may be the reason for booking your first massage session, and there is no need to stress about your spa too. If you know how to prepare for a full-body massage, you can walk into a massage centre ready to take in the complete benefit of your session.

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  • Drink Plenty of Water Before and After A Massage Session

Make sure you are hydrated before having your session and prepared to drink an adequate amount of water following your session. Eventually, stressed muscles cause inflammation and toxin build-up that can block oxygen and essential nutrients from getting to their specific places, thus contributing to stress and pain. But a proper body massage helps to break up and release those toxins from your body. Massage helps to improve blood circulation and increases the amount of oxygen in our body, but a body massage is dehydrating in nature. Hence, massage therapists recommend staying hydrated before and after a session because the water helps cleanse those released toxins out of your body.

  • Wear Floppy and Comfortable Clothes
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While preparing for your massage session, wear comfortable and loose clothes. Your therapist will ask you to undress, to your comfort level, to begin your relaxation process. Wearing loose clothing will make the unclothing process easier for you. After your session, you may feel sensitive or just relaxed and you will appreciate putting on comfy clothing.

  • Breath Normally

The main motto of getting a massage session is to get relief from your stress and pain. Your massage therapist will loosen your muscles and normal breathing will help accelerate the relaxation process. Sometimes people hold their breaths because they feel nervous while taking a massage but it is not right. Holding your breath will tighten your muscle, making them tougher to loosen. So, breath normally when your therapist performs different massage techniques.

  • Don’t be Anxious While Communicating

If you have any specific problem or any query, let your therapist know because your therapist will help you to relax and feel better. Generally, Massage in Mumbai use lotions and oils to reduce muscle tension during the massage. Make sure to talk with your therapist if you have any allergies.


A full-body spa provides pleasing and nurturing experiences but they are not usually cheap. There are many Massage center in Thane that offer brilliant spa service at a friendly price. You can also choose a day spa or a destination spa as per your choice.