Ecdysterone Supplement – Improving Your Daily Performance

Ecdysterone is a chemical compound that, for a short time, has been very fashionable thanks to the properties attributed to it. These properties help to promote muscle hypertrophy as if it were an anabolic steroid, but without presenting its drawbacks.


The ecdysterone supplement has ecdysterone, which is a chemical compound present in some plants and some insects. In the latter, it is responsible for controlling part of the larvae’s growth and serving as protection against other insects.

This compound belongs to the family of ecdysteroids, used for many years by elite athletes to improve their muscles and sports performance. The name of these compounds (ecdysteroid) comes from the following terms:

Ecdysis: this is the process by which insects shed their skin.

Steroid: it is the molecular structure of insects, and that in arthropods is synthesized from cholesterol.


The main property for which ecdysterone has risen to fame is its ability to promote mass muscle gain. This is because they can increase carbohydrate metabolism, fatty acid metabolism, protein synthesis, and improved physical performance.

In mammals, ecdysterone acts through the agonism pathway with estrogen receptors of the beta type responsible for this anabolic effect.

 An ecdysterone supplement is responsible for provoking a non-genomic response that activates a receptor located on the G proteins (Guanine nucleotide-binding protein).

These proteins are responsible for initiating a series of consecutive reactions. It causes calcium to leave the sarcoplasmic reticulum and enter the cell cytosol. This will generate a positive gradient that allows calcium to enter the interior of the cell.

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By increasing calcium within the cell, the Pl3K / AKT transduction pathway will be activated, responsible for the activation of the mTOR metabolic pathway and other reactions that aim to increase protein synthesis.

All this happens without ecdysterone agonizing with androgen receptors, something that does happen with anabolic steroids and MRSA.

What advantages does this have? After consuming ecdysterone, it will not be necessary to restore the hormonal axis as it happens with other products.

WHAT IS ecdysterone supplement FOR?

Studies carried out on mice using ecdysterone injections have shown an increase in insulin-like growth factor hormone (IGF-1) and luteinizing hormone (LH).

It reduces the amount of corticosterone and estradiol (E2). It does not affect the concentration of other hormones present in the body, such as prolactin, testosterone, or thyroxine.


We will talk now about the advantages of ecdysterone supplements compared to other, more dangerous products such as anabolic steroids, which are not recommended in any case.

  • The ecdysterone supplement does not aromatize into estrogenic compounds. This is common with excessive doses of testosterone and its derivatives used as anabolics.
  • It is not dangerous for the liver. In many cases, the consumption of anabolics also affects the liver. Ecdysterone will not cause this problem.
  • It does not cause testicular atrophy. The external contribution of testosterone causes this problem since it disregards the testicles from their production. When this contribution ceases, the testicles cannot produce it again, which causes the aforementioned testicular atrophy.
  • It does not produce hormonal alterations. Ingesting ecdysterone will not cause imbalances in the body’s hormonal balance, so it does not pose any danger in this regard.
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