Do Almonds Contain Hydrocyanic Acid, And Can It Be Harmful?

When it comes to hydrocyanic acid, there is no problem with the regular consumption of sweet almonds, which can be eaten even raw. The story changes with bitter ones, containing a naturally toxic substance called amygdalin, from which hydrocyanic acid is formed. This can be a danger to health, and it is possible to have symptoms of poisoning, such as stomach cramps or breathing difficulties. In the case of children, the consumption of five raw bitter almonds can be life-threatening.

Be very careful, because they are sold to the public, especially in places like pharmacies and herbalists. Bitter almond must always c ocinarla because it loses much of its toxic component due to high temperatures. The remaining amount of hydrocyanic acid is not a problem once cooked.

Do Almonds Help You Lose Weight?

Despite their relatively high caloric content, almonds are great allies when it comes to fitness. Its high content of protein, fiber, and calcium is beneficial for health and reduces appetite. conducted a study: the first ate almonds for a snack, the second included them at lunch, and the third did not. As a result, the snack group people had a decreased appetite and felt full before the next meal.

This is not necessarily linked to weight loss, but the possibility is not ruled out either because, by being less hungry, we reduce the portions of the main meals. In any case, researchers have concluded that regular consumption does not increase the risk of gaining weight, despite its high fat and calorie content. So you can eat almonds whenever you feel like it!

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Therefore, keeping the line is not incompatible with regular consumption of almonds, even every day, as long as it is done in moderation. It is worth mentioning another health benefits thanks to these small nuts: as they satisfy us, it is more difficult for them to give us hunger attacks and avoid bingeing.


Almonds are lovely – they are packed with fiber, minerals, vitamins, protein, calcium, and healthy fats.

They are considered a healthy food and provide, among other benefits, a positive effect on the immune system, the intestine, and the level of lipids in the blood.

The combination with dark chocolate has positive effects on health.

Besides being delicious, this dried fruit is very satisfying.