Synchronized RF: a perfect body muscle sculpting technique in the market

Synchronized Radiofrequency is an excellent aesthetic treatment to do on the belly and buttocks because it helps to eliminate localized fat and also combats sagging, leaving the skin firmer and harder. Each session lasts about 30 minutes to 1 hour max (depending on the treatment) and the results are progressive. The equipment is safe and can be used on all persons over 12 years of age.

Synchronized RF and high intensity electromagnetic field are one of the best muscle sculpting techniques available. If getting a toned and perfectly shaped body muscle has been your dream, at Beauty Fix, now you have a solution. You can now join muscle sculpting session (non-invasive) at affordable prices (ranging from 850$ – 1000$).

How Radio Frequency Works?

The waves of the equipment reach the fat cells, located under the skin and above the muscles. And with the rise in the temperature of this region to 104oF these cells break, eliminating the fat that was contained inside. For the fat to be truly eliminated from the body permanently, they must be removed through physical exercises.

How many sessions to do?

It is recommended to do about 4 sessions to be able to evaluate the results, depending on the amount of fat or cellulite that needs to be eliminated, or the amount of flabby skin that the person has. Better results are observed when you perform a combination of radio frequency and HIFEM in the same aesthetic treatment. It is excellent for eliminating localized fat, being even more efficient for reducing measures.

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The elimination of fat gives stable and long-lasting results and as long as the person eats a healthy diet and practices physical activity regularly. However, if a person consumes more energy than his or her body spends, it is natural for him / her to gain weight and for fat to accumulate again in certain regions of the body.

When not to?

This treatment is not indicated when the person is much above ideal and should also not be performed when the person has a metallic implant in the region where he will be treated. Other contraindications include –

  • During pregnancy,
  • In case of hemophilia,
  • In case of fever,
  • In case of skin infection or swollen muscle,
  • If there is a sensitivity disorder
  • If the person has a pacemaker,
  • When the person takes some anticoagulant medicine.

Nor should another electrotherapy device be applied at the same time, to avoid interfering with the result and not to burn the skin. It is necessary to remove the jewels from the body.

Conclusion: Possible risks of treatment

The radio frequency in the belly and buttocks is very well tolerated and the only risk that exists is that of being able to burn the skin, when the equipment is not kept in motion at all times of treatment. It is why, it would be ideal to get the treatment from the experts. Besides reducing accumulated fat, synchronized RF and HIFEM improve skin tone. Thus, the person eliminates fat and the skin remains firm, with no sagging.