Should You Use IQOS A Product of New Heating Technology?

Another new tobacco product known as IQOS was recently approved for sale in the US, raising fears about yet another device for nicotine delivery entering the market in the midst of a teenage e-cigarette pandemic.

The FDA concluded in April that the heat-not-burn device IQOS, which is the unique product launched in the US can now be marketed and sold. In addition, heat-not-burn tobacco products, known as heated tobacco products. These are electronic devices, which heat tobacco leaves for producing an inhalable aerosol rather than burning tobacco like regular cigarettes.

Despite the fact that IQOS is a certain electronic device, the FDA as a cigarette has classified it, hence it means, it is subject to the same regulations as traditional cigarettes. Heated Products maintains that such products are safe as compared to cigarettes, but there is still a lot to learn about the gadgets and their potential impact.

No smoke but only vapour with the IQOS 

Because it is past time for you and your friends and family to have a better cigarette experience. The air quality to build and space is unaffected by IQOS. As the aerosols/vapours from IQOS dissipate faster than the smoke of a cigarette, it produces less smell and leaves far fewer stains on draperies and furniture comparatively.

IQOS is always with you, no matter where you are. IQOS warms up in a matter of seconds and shuts down as soon as you are finished. That is all there is to it.

Tested as per the highest standards

It has undergone extensive scientific testing with many participants in 18 non-clinical and ten clinical investigations to date. According to the existing information, using IQOS does not come without dangers. However, switching to IQOS fully reduces health risks when compared to regular smoking.

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Why heating will be better?

The world cannot function without technology. It has improved the quality of our lives over time. Working, communicating, and transportation methods are all unique to use. We have combined science and technology to create a superior alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Adult smokers who might continue to smoke will be able to enjoy tobacco smoking in a more enjoyable way thanks to IQOS.

Instead of burning tobacco, IQOS warms it. There is a straightforward reason for this: Tobacco combustion produces significant levels of hazardous substances e.g., carbon monoxide. 

When compared to smoke of cigarettes, the IQOS Heat-Control TM technology will prevent tobacco from burning, reducing the concentration and number of hazardous compounds.

IQOS heating technology  

A lighted cigarette’s tobacco burns at roughly 600°C. During the combustion process, smoke and ash are produced. The burning ash cone temperature reaches to 800°C when a smoker will take a puff.

Cigarette smoke comprises a complex mix of about 6,000 compounds, around 100 of which are connected by authorities of public health to smoking-related disorders.

Tobacco is heated to a much lower temperature by the IQOS Heat Control TM technology, which avoids ignition. Since, no ignition is involved, IQOS does not produce smoke. When compared to cigarettes, IQOS produces a tobacco vapour that provides an excellent taste experience while containing 95% fewer hazardous chemicals.

Tobacco smoke vs vapour 

Tobacco vapour produced by IQOS will be less toxic than cigarette smoke. IQOS has undertaken multiple rigorous evaluations to illustrate this, including ten aerosol components clinical studies involving thousands of individuals in the US, UK, Japan, and Poland. 

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Evidence reveals that while using IQOS has hazards, switching to it fully reduces health risks as compared to regular smoking.

IQOS will emit lesser harmful chemicals 

Tobacco is burned in cigarettes, resulting in high levels of carbon monoxide. When compared to any cigarette smoke, IQOS produces 98% less CO (carbon monoxide) and many reduced levels of other dangerous compounds because it will not burn tobacco.