Ayahuasca Ceremony: The First Scientific Studies Of Mother Nature’s Health Effects

Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic brew which is found in the rain forests of Amazon of the South American tribes. It is prepared by the experienced shamans from the baniosteriopsis caapi vine stalks and the torn leaves of the charcuna shrub. People flock to the exotic retreats of Peru for the ayuaska ceremony under the tutelage of an able and experienced shaman.

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An ayahuaska is a part of the best kind of self healing treatment of the body and soul if you really wish to improve your life. The people have a lot of mental as well physical health issues. So, even the people from the modern world travel to Peru for getting themselves treated with ayahuasca. The beliefs are that it improves mental problems like depression, fatigue, stress, anger, low esteem and lots more.  There is evidence that this healing brew is an effective aid in fighting cancer cures, addiction disorders and even lowers suicidal tendencies in mentally troubled people. It has been  observed  in thousands of people that ayauhuasca helps in growth of neural cells and enhancing concentration spans. The ingredients are also found online as the global popularity has enhanced in leaps and bounds. But it is always recommended to take the ayuasca concoction in the guidance of a learned and ethical shaman. The dosages may not be the same for everyone and also many would not be prepared for the severe nausea and diarrhea which follows shortly after the intake of the potion. Many describe it as a traumatic experience but it is to be noted that nausea, having visions and other signs are part of the procedures.

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 Other aspects

It also is also supposedly a cure for skin issues, diabetes, tobacco and alcohol addictions and many more. This plant medicine is rapidly finding popularity in the western world and paving the way for ayahuasca tourism, drawing people to the exotic and popular retreats for this very happening therapy. The more popular centers screen the participants to see how suited they are for the therapy and the willingness to heal. The basic bottom line about this plant potion is that unlike conventional and modern medicines, it works with both body and mind. In fact, it is also very effective for post traumatic stress disorder if reports are to be believed. There are medicinal drugs also for PTSD but ayahuasca is supposed to be an excellent antidote for it as well according to case studies. Visit a reliable ayahuasca clinic and transform your life today itself.