PCR Test vs. Rapid Antigen Test in Birmingham


Since the start of the pandemic, health experts raced their way to create tests on how to know if a person contracted the coronavirus. As World Health Organization raised the alert to a pandemic scale, two virus detecting instruments came into the picture –pcr test dubai and Rapid Antigen Tests.

As vaccines are on the rollout in other countries and especially in the UK, tests in many cities were of high demand as businesses and airline companies require travelers to present a certificate of fit to fly COVID test Birmingham particularly.

But what should a person opt to choose when wanting to be tested? Here are their differences:

PCR Tests

Some UK companies that announced for their workforce to report to offices ask for employees to be tested before resuming work in offices. These companies allot a budget for employees to undergo a PCR test Birmingham for highly accurate results.

The reverse transcription-polymerase chain reactionor RT-PCR test is highly accurate; results are highly acknowledged and are less likely to err. COVID-19 test results are out in less than 24 hours, with a turnaround time of 2-3 days.

Rapid Antigen Test

While some people and establishments go for PCR tests, others choose the “rapid test” or the Rapid Antigen Test. True to its name, getting results typically takes 20-30 minutes only; that is why companies with many workforces avail the service. To add, it is less expensive than the RT-PCR option.

Should travelers and business people need to go on urgent trips, they must present a certificate of fit to fly COVID test in Birmingham. These people go to the nearest clinics and hospitals to get tested. In contrast, others order test kits from approved rapid antigen test providers.

Take a look at this PCR Test vs. Rapid Antigen Test infographic to learn about how these tests work.

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PCR Test Vs. Rapid Antigen Test, what are the difference?