Laser Vision Correction Surgery – Here Are The Facts You Need To Know

The subject of laser vision surgery has generated series of arguments over the years. There are lots of things or aspects that most people don’t understand about this process. The fact that the procedures are different makes it to be even more complicated to understand. This post will be revealing every fact about correction of laser vision. It will be helping you to know what this surgery is basically all about, those who it will likely benefit and the results that are expected.

What does laser vision correction surgery entail?

Laser eye surgery is what this can also be known as. This term is quite broad as it tends to include different procedures like LASEK surgery, refractive lens exchange, and LASIK surgery. At the moment, it is one of the most popular elective surgeries being performed around the world. It is a process undertaken by people who would like to correct refractive errors. It can also be used in treating other eye issues.

What can laser eye surgery correction surgery do?

There are times when the eyes may not be correctly/properly shaped. This means there is a very high chance of refractive errors occurring. Of course, one of such problems is shortsightedness or myopia. Once your cornea is curved (steeply), this can occur. It can bring about blurred vision especially when you are trying to view objects from far distance.

Hyperopia is another problem as well. It can also be referred to as long-sightedness. It is a problem which occurs when the cornea isn’t well steeped in the curve. When you have this problem, reading newspapers is a problem. Also, you may find it hard having clear vision of things that are close without the aid of glasses.

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Another refractive problem is astigmatism. It is a combination of both short and long-sightedness. It is a condition whereby one side is excessively steeped while the other isn’t steep enough. This can bring about impaired vision.

Is it possible for laser vision correction to treat illnesses as well?

Of course, it is possible. There are lots of eye conditions which can bring about vision problems especially when not treated. Some of the illnesses which can affect your eyes could be diabetic retinopathy, degeneration, macular degeneration (age related), cataracts and glaucoma.

How long can such procedure take?

Laser vision surgeries are very quick. They don’t take up to 30mins. Also, the procedure isn’t painful in any way. In some cases, patients may have blurred vision after the procedure has been completed. However, such is expected to become clear after some hours. There are tasks you cannot handle after undergoing this surgery though. These could be operating a machine or driving a car around.

What are the results to be expected?

Results are instant in laser eye surgery. There are patients who have improved vision as soon as the surgical procedures are completed. After some months, results will be seen even while the doctor is monitoring the progress.