Key factors you need to consider when buying incontinence products

If you or your loved ones are suffering from incontinence, perhaps you already know that buying incontinence products from an NDIS approved supplier like Confidence Club Australia and using them would be your best bet. Such products will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle without having to worry about any embarrassment.

But do you know that buying the right incontinence products is a must to get that level of comfort? Though many people assume that all incontinence supplies are the same, in reality, they are not. More options are available now than before and for this reason, it’s crucial to consider some essential factors to get the right continence products.

Here, are three such factors you must keep in mind when buying incontinence products:

  1.   Understanding the degree of your incontinence

Incontinence can be of different types and there are different causes behind them. Additionally, some people may have fecal incontinence that causes unexpected leakage of stool. While a registered NDIS provider such as Confidence Club, Australia can offer different products to manage different kinds of incontinence, you need to understand the degree and type of your incontinence to buy the right product. Ideally, you should first consult your doctor who can determine whether your problem is temporary or permanent, suggest treatments to lower or solve the problem and help you choose the right product based on your individual situation.

  1.   Understanding the kind of absorbency you will need

The degree of all continence is not the same. For people who experience some light leakage, an incontinence pad might be enough while some others who need to manage complete leakage of urine and/or stool, might require the maximum degree of absorbency. Therefore, you need to know what degree of absorbency you will actually need in order to choose the right product. You should also note that absorbency needs may vary from day to night and may change over time. Your doctor is the best person to suggest the perfect product.

  1.   Determining the right fit
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Many people overlook the importance of the right fit. But you need to understand that if the incontinence product you’re wearing is too large or too small, it may allow the liquid to escape. So it’s extremely important to determine the right size before you decide to even visit the website of an NDIS approved provider like Confidenceclub Australia. This knowledge will help you get a more secure fit, the highest level of protection against leakage, and better comfort.

When you buy the product from a top-tier NDIS approved supplier such as Confidence Club Australia, you will most likely have the option of choosing from many different sizes, which means you’ll find the right product offering a perfect fit regardless of your size. Apart from this, the incontinence product you choose should be breathable and offer odour control to help you manage incontinence effectively. It should also be able to absorb the liquid quickly while keeping the inner layer’s surface dry against your skin to eliminate the risk of any skin problem. Now that you know how to choose the right incontinence product, visit the store of a registered NDIS supplier today and start living life to the fullest!