How To Clean A Hot Tub Bath

Despite providing relaxing baths, whirlpool baths need special care to maintain a sophisticated look and are within hygienic conditions that do not present health risks.

Understanding what bathtubs are made of is the first step in conserving that structure for longer.

Features Of Bathtubs

The baths with hydro, made of porcelain, are durable and can be cleaned with significant variations of products, which is not the case for acrylic bathtubs, for example. The hot tubs acrylic can scratch or end up presenting some deformation – this because despite being mixed with fiberglass, acrylic is much like plastic and should stay away from abrasive cleaners such as pumice and steel sponges.

Enameled bathtubs need even more care. In this case, prefer to sanitize without using bleach or caustic soda.

Cleaning Tips

Every three months, to prevent dryness, use automotive wax on the bathtub structure. This should help to repair small scratches and restore the shine of your bathtub.

Rusty or grimy metals can be cleaned with a solution of water (1 liter) and ammonia or ammonia (1 coffee spoon). Mix well and rub the pieces with a brush. Rinse with water and vinegar.

It is recommended to fill the bathtub, spa, or hot tub with cold water and add half a glass of bleach in individual bathtubs or glass in double bathtubs to stay away from microorganisms. Turn on the hydromassage for 10 minutes, drain the water and repeat the process. In bathtubs spas, care is different. That’s because the structure is complete most of the time. The hot tub filters must also be removed, moistened, and soaked in a neutral detergent. Wash the hot tub filters with clean water every week. This will help prevent dirt from accumulating and chemicals from being consumed with the filter material. By doing this, you let your hydromassage filters work more efficiently and last longer.

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Using neutral detergent, rub the entire surface of the bathtub and rinse with a hose. Then dry the structure entirely and use a thin layer of automotive wax to remove any scratches. The pH of the water should be between 7.2 and 7.4 to avoid the proliferation of microorganisms.

For the hot tub to always be fully functioning and in a good state of conservation, respect the manufacturer’s guidelines in the instruction manual and choose good professionals for installing bathtubs; after all, most defects are related to poor choice labor.