How Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure is Done.


Women with large breasts and men with conditions such as enlarged breasts undergo breast reduction surgery to get rid of the extra tissue, fat, and skin from their breasts. Most patients have undergone breast reduction surgery successfully and it is clear that it is a critical surgery and one needs to understand the process before considering the surgery. Like any other major surgery, breast reduction has its benefits, complications, and recovery process that patients need to be made aware of.

Breast reduction surgery consultation is key to access the conditions of the patient. Medical history is a major concern since there are conditions that would affect the process. A patient needs to go through a therapeutic session in which they discuss emotional issues with the surgeon. They also have to give a reason as to why they are considering the surgery and talk about any esteem issues related to their breast and how they feel about them. The surgeon also takes measurements and discusses with the patient how much tissue needs to be removed. Pictures of the breast are taken, and a mammogram and breast exam done on the patient. Before undergoing surgery, a patient needs to be advised to stop smoking and avoid drugs with Asprin or an anti-inflammatory medications. Other things the patient needs to have at hand before the surgery include ice, clean towels, comfortable shirts, and an ointment or cream.

During the surgery, a paint is given anaesthetics to put them to sleep. The surgery takes about two to five hours or more time depending on the patients’ condition. Liposuction prices Sydney are affordable and the surgeons ensure that patients get quality services. There are different methods use to do breast reduction surgery and patients are allowed to select a procedure that favours them under strict advice by a professional surgeon. The methods vary from one patient to another depending on their breasts size, shape, and how much tissue needs to be removed. Liposuction involves the use of a tube that is inserted through a cut made on the skin surface and a vacuum used to suck the fats and fluids from the breast. Liposuction is suitable for small reductions. The vertical or lollipop method is best for medium reductions and sagging breasts. The lollipop procedure is done by making an incision on the areola to get rid of the extra fats and tissue. Lastly, the inverted T method is done by cutting the edge of the areola to the breast crease and is best for large reductions and sagging breasts.

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The recovery period after the surgery takes up to one week but varies depending on the patients’ condition. Frequent appointments with the surgeon are recommended for removing the stitches and changing bandages. It is also advisable that the patient avoids any physical activities during the healing period. Patients are given pain killers for pain and should avoid heavy listing activities. Others have emotional trauma after the surgery such as getting depressed which is considered normal during recovery. Scars and other normal complications are like bleeding, blood clots, swelling, infections, and loss of sensitivity on the nipples could show after the surgery.