SmartHeart Pro Identifies Heart Issues Fast

Do you suffer from a medical condition that could lead to arrhythmias or other cardiac issues? Are you concerned about small changes that could turn deadly since your family has a history of heart disease? You won’t have to worry about whether the slight flutter you’re feeling is a heart attack’s early warning sign when you have a SmartHeart device.

Our company exists to ensure that you and your loved ones can rest easy knowing that your heart is in proper working order. With the help of our gadgets, you can become a member of a network of board-certified cardiologists who can assist you in understanding your results and determining the underlying cause. Purchasing a SmartHeart device is among the best investments you can make for your general health and has the potential to save lives.

How the Equipment Will Function

Patients of all ages can use the SmartHeart Pro with ease. No matter where you are, our product’s technology will help to produce a high-quality ECG. The majority of cardiology patients are aware of the frequent and sometimes irritating use of gels, sticky adhesives, and ECG testing. There’s no need for adhesive or gel while using this small device. To get started, just place the belt over your chest and apply a few drops of water to specific areas of your chest.

Before you start testing, it is recommended that you pair your device with another smartphone or tablet that supports Bluetooth. This will ensure that your SmartHeart is working properly, store your data, and enable you to email your cardiologist the results. After that, the test will begin to work its magic and in less than an hour, it will produce results that one of our cardiologists will review.

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Following evaluation of your results, the cardiologist will send you an email with explanations of the readings and a copy for you to give to your primary care physician and other family members involved in your care. Getting results quickly could help give you peace of mind regarding the condition of your heart.

We Offer A Variety of Membership Choices

It’s never been simpler to take control of your health with a SmartHeart Pro. However, we provide a variety of membership options that can be advantageous to you based on the specifics of your situation. Patients can choose from three membership options offered by us: SmartHeart Versatility, SmartHeart Advantage, and SmartHeart Control.

The SmartHeart Control program, which entitles you to own your SmartHeart device and full access to a support network that includes a cardiologist, is the first choice we give our clients. Two ECG readings are included in this monthly bundle every month. You will receive an ECG exam in addition to an initial consultation when you choose this program option. We also offer a limited guarantee that lasts for a year in case the product malfunctions in any way.

Members who choose the SmartHeart Advantage program can save around $120 annually with our second plan. This program, which is billed every three months, is highly recommended by our clientele. Everything included in our most basic bundle is covered, plus extra ECG evaluations from cardiologists with board certification.

We suggest our SmartHeart Versatility membership if you’re just starting off with heart health monitoring. This service is perfect for those who only require monthly checks and has a monthly charge of about $109.

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You Can Jumpstart Your Heart With SmartHeart

It’s never too early to consider keeping an eye on your cardiac health, which can benefit you in many ways. You and your family can feel more at ease knowing that your heart is beating normally when you select SmartHeart devices to help monitor your care. For more information on our memberships and gadgets, please give us a call or visit our website right away!