Female hair transplant

As a significant cosmetic problem, alopecia in women is sometimes ignored. The psychological consequences are often more severe for women with hair loss than for men. In several cases of female alopecia that may not have been feasible to treat with older techniques, developments in modern hair transplantation have allowed effective hair restoration. There is a suggested grouping of female hair loss patterns into 5 separate groups. A variety of strategies to restore alopecia are illustrated on the basis of these definitions. Careful preoperative patient assessment, including consideration of the attributes of the donor and recipient, is emphasized. Furthermore, the psychological responses of women to hair loss and the perceptions of hair regeneration are addressed. Here in this blog DrManas Jain explains about hair loss treatments for women. DrManas is well for hair transplant in Mysore, India.

What Is Hair Transplant In Women?

A female hair transplant does not vary from male transplants. It is therefore a procedure in which hair is removed from the donor region and inserted on the scalp into the small incisions made in the recipient area. There are two methods used as well, i.e. With FUT and FUE. Depending on the kind of hair loss that a woman is affected by, the hair transplant technique is chosen.

It is also necessary to remember that, for example, eyebrows and eyelashes, women go in strongly for facial hair restoration. Some of the hair loss styles in females are:

  • Female baldness of the pattern
  • Alopecia traction
  • Alopecia that occurs after surgery or trauma and
  • Alopecia Scarring
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Women’s Hair Transplant Treatment in India

Since women have their form of hair loss, during the entire process, care and attention are strongly applied. According to some of the best cosmetologist in India, the hair fall rate in women is increasing drastically in India.

  1. Harvesting follicles for hair

With a minimum transaction, grafts are harvested to safeguard the grafts and the donor region. No shaving of the scalp is usually performed before a woman’s hair transplant. To prevent wastage, the grafts are well-preserved and maximally used.

  1. The grafts are transplanted

The primary goal here is to have outcomes that are normal and satisfying. So, while examining the right angle and position of the existing hair, the grafts are inserted into the tiny incisions created in the recipient region.

  1. During the process
  • A patient is given postoperative guidance.
  • After 3 weeks, transplanted hair will fall out, and after 4 months, new hair will grow.
  • A woman would have a fuller head in less than a year.

Benefits of hair transplant procedures in females

  • In women, it is a permanent cure to hair loss.
  • The effects are normal and good looking.
  • To improve the strength of the hair and its length, different treatments may be used.
  • This restores a woman’s appearance, which enhances her faith.

Hair transplant in Mysore

The quick-paced urban lifestyle brings with it many side effects. The urban population is showing a higher number of cases of hair loss. Various health conditions arise from the harsh living conditions in big cities. It is no wonder that the cases of balding people have reached astonishing numbers. Controlling hair loss has become a demanding activity. There was a time when situations were restricted only to men, but now women often seem to face a similar situation. Although some benefit from integrating lifestyle improvements, some are left in the lurch. Hair Transplant comes to the rescue of such individuals.

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In the past few days, the topic of hair loss has often been related to senior citizens. However, even young people seem to be facing the issue in the present scenario. The number of young people visiting them to pursue a solution to their hair loss problem is growing phenomenally. There is only one permanent cure in extreme cases – Hair Transplant.

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