Everything To Be Known About Lung Cancer 

The most prevalent form of cancer in men is lung cancer. More than 13000 new cases are reported each year. Although lung cancer is much less prevalent in women, the disease still impacts a substantial number of them. It is not uncommon for women to develop lung cancer. This study aimed to analyze the trend in lung carcinoma incidence in the Philippines for the past ten years. The results of this study give estimates on the number of cases of lung carcinoma in men by histologic category between 2003 and 2012

Also, the study sought to better understand cancer survivors’ experiences and caregivers. An intentionally selected group of 27 Filipino cancer survivors was included in this study. To collect data, a 2-part instrument was used. In addition to survey techniques, correspondence and member checking were used to validate surfacing stages. Based on the collected data, a theoretical model was developed called the Ribbon of Cancer Survivorship. This model defines four phases of Lung cancer care anchorage ak. They are trifling, transfusing (during), or transcending (after).

Study findings highlighted the importance of following colorectal cancer prevention guidelines. While most Americans are aware of the importance of following colorectal carcinoma screening guidelines, half of Filipinos don’t follow these guidelines. The study also identified factors that could lead to poor compliance, including the presence or ability to communicate with healthcare providers, family members with cancer and age.

The search volume of “lung cancer” on Google was comparatively constant over the period of 2009 to 2019 (with peak interest in August 2014). Google Trends lists many health conditions. A strong internet presence is found in the Philippines to help understand Filipino information-seeking behaviors and create awareness.

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Despite its widespread prevalence, Lung cancer in the Philippines has a much lower survival rate than in other Asian countries. The survival rate of Filipinos with advanced stages of cancer is lower than that in other Asian countries. Understanding the pathology of cancer is crucial and early treatment are essential.

Papillary thyroid carcinoma is more common than previously thought in the Philippines. There are also higher chances of it recurring and persisting. New treatment options for papillary tumors include re-staging which is determined by the effectiveness of therapy. This is more in line with the long-term outcome than the prior approach. A second study was done to determine factors that may contribute to an incomplete thyroidectomy response. This could help improve treatment.

Fortunately, lung cancer is not fatal when detected early. Symptoms may vary depending on the stage of the disease, including chronic coughing, hoarseness, and coughing blood. The chances of a patient surviving are greatly increased when they are treated early. With the right treatment, the disease can be treated and successfully cured.

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Everything to be known About Lung Cancer