Official Rapid Tests – A Review 

Are you facing some of the symptoms of covid-19 and worried about how to diagnose the problem? are just as many people start thinking about the various platforms that provides the ability to get Rapid tests conducted online or through clinics. 

One such testing solution is the official Rapid Tests platform which is one of the major testing solutions in the UK.

What kind of treatment can you expect at the Official Rapid Tests platform?

This platform provides Rapid Antigen Testing for individuals for travel and other purposes. 

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of working with the official Rapid Tests form:

  • 100% legitimate and legal way of having covid-19 testing. 
  • very fast process. and provide a rapid Antigen test for travel. 
  • guaranteed same-day results. 
  • Has successfully provided rapid antigen testing for more than 20,000 people for traveling purposes. 
  • The test is acceptable in more than 74 countries. 

Remember that you will have to pay £29 for a Rapid Antigen Test

How will you get a certificate after Rapid Antigen Testing at the Official Rapid Tests platform? 

The process of providing the certificate to the customers is very simple. You will get it on the email which you can easily print out. 

You can use this rapid antigen testing certificate for travel at it includes doctor signature, passport number, and all other basic information that make you eligible for traveling in this era of a pandemic.

It is undoubtedly the fastest UKs fit to fly certification provider. 


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