Do You Know How Unexpected Ways of Smoking Can Affect Your Body?

People who regularly smoke drugs, often prefer to use certain unconventional ways of smoking so that they can get more kick from it and quickly too. Most people often prefer to smoke the following drugs by using aluminum foil:

  • Crack
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Methamphetamines

Do you know what kind of damage occurs when you use such unexpected ways?

A popular belief that aluminum can cause Alzheimer’s through ingestion, and hence it can be quite dangerous to smoke through aluminum. Although, it is still not very clear how much damage aluminum can cause as far as Alzheimer’s is concerned. Often many people also try to find out how to smoke ice with foil and straw.

The following are a few harmful effects of smoking drugs in a certain unconventional way: 

1. Hearing loss

If you regularly smoke in a certain unconventional method then the cochlea, which is a very important part of your inner ear may receive a less amount of oxygen that is necessary, which can end up in your hearing loss, as per the meta-analysis conducted by a few researchers. 

2. Worsen your eyesight

Regular smoking can always increase your possibility of developing several eye conditions that can influence your vision, e.g. cataracts, which may cloud your eye. Research has shown that regular smokers are always at an enhanced risk of falling victim to cataracts, as compared to any nonsmokers.

3. Skin problems

Besides the normal aging of your skin, regular smoking can also increase the time needed to heal your wounds and also increase the chances of certain infections and also skin problems. 

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4. Erectile dysfunction

You can have a better erection only if the blood vessels present in your penis will enlarge and also get filled with blood. Regular smoking can disrupt your blood vessels, particularly in that part of your body, as a result, you may not get a proper erection.