5 Important Benefits of Hormone Therapy That You Should Understand!

It’s a perfectly normal part of aging to experience decreased levels in sex hormones, and these hormonal changes unfortunately come with a whole variety of negative side effects and symptoms that aging men and women deal with.

When it comes to post-menopausal women, hormone deficiencies can have a significant impact on an individual’s wellness. The good news is that hormone therapy can support a woman’s need to regain herself all over again, and this type of therapy is growing in popularity all throughout the United States.

Below we’ll be going over five very important benefits of hormone therapy that you should undoubtedly know about!

Alleviating Night Sweats & Hot Flashes

About ¾ of all women experience hot flashes and night sweats after menopause, and these sudden feelings of warmth can be troubling in many different ways. Although hot flashes can occur at any time, night sweats refer to hot flashes that happen while sleeping.

Night sweats are inevitably bad for a woman’s sleep schedule, which can have a negative ripple effect towards her waking hours as well. Hormone therapy just so happens to be an effective treatment when it comes to alleviating these types of troubling symptoms!

Restoring A Woman’s Sex Drive

Low libido levels are common amongst women who are in their post-menopausal years, and sex drive decreases in general are common amongst both aging men and women. When a women no longer feels the desire for intimacy and sexual pleasure, it can subsequently pose strains on their marriages and relationships.

Hormone therapy is a great way to regain hormone levels that then go a long way towards restoring libido and sex drive levels. What’s great about this treatment is that the artificial hormones will be structured to be exactly like the patient’s natural hormones, so the body and mind can’t compute the difference.

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Weight Loss Assistance

It’s perfectly normal for aging people to begin gaining weight, and it’s also normal to find it more difficult to lose weight once you’ve reached a certain age. This is partly because hormonal changes are making weight loss efforts much more difficult, because lower hormone levels increase the likelihood for body fat development and decrease the likelihood for muscle mass.

Hormone replacement therapy does a great job at supporting an individual’s metabolism, which then makes it a lot easier to lose the weight you don’t want!

Mood Improvements

Our hormones always play a major factor in terms of supporting our daily body functions, and this includes mental functions like mood. Many older people will experience depression and mood swings due to an imbalance in their hormonal levels.

What’s great about hormone therapy is that it’ll boost a patient’s energy levels and support the daily mood by addressing many different symptoms associated with depression. You might also want to consider depression counselling to put your mind at ease.

Improving Bone Health

Our bones are constantly going through cell changes, and hormones will play a major role in the overall bone renewal process. This is why it’s very troubling when an aging person is experiencing hormone decreases, because their body won’t be producing the cells that’ll help them maintain proper bone cell growth.

These types of issues will often lead to health problems like osteoporosis and bone fractures, but hormone therapy can be exactly what a woman needs to reduce these risks.

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There certainly is a lot that aging women need to consider when it comes to their hormone levels, but the good news is that getting treatment for these problems has never been easier.

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