Dieting Dos And Don’ts


All of us have dieted some time or the other in life. Some of us take dieting more seriously than others. People diet for various reasons, some diet to lose weight and others diet to gain weight. If you are planning to diet with the intention of losing weight then here are a few important dos and don’ts. 

Starting a diet plan without a specific goal or target in mind is something that you should not do. You need to have a clear goal fixed before you take up any diet plan. Your goal simply cannot be I want to lose weight, rather it should be more specific. You should decide how many kilos that you would like to reduce and how fast you want to lose that weight. 

While it is important to be specific when you set your weight loss goals in terms of the number of kilos that you would like to shed and the timeframe for the same, you should make well informed choices. You can lose as much weight as you would like to but the timeframe that you set should be realistic. Your body gained weight in a gradual fashion. So it will also lose weight in a gradual fashion. Before deciding on the timeframe for losing weight you might want to get in touch with a good dietician for weight loss. Your dietician will guide you in terms of whether you are setting a realistic time frame for losing weight or whether it is an unrealistic timeframe. 

With the intention of losing weight fast, going overboard with your diet plan and eating almost nothing and starving yourself are things that you should not do. It is true that you need to work consistently to lose weight but it does not mean you should cut down or deprive yourself of adequate nutrients and minerals. When your body does not get the required nutrition, then it will not be able to perform the vital functions. Dieting should be handled in a balanced way. Consulting a good nutritionist for weight loss in Mumbai will prove to be an excellent move. 

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Do not follow all random dieting tips and weight loss tips that you come across. Some people have the tendency to follow every weight loss tip and every dieting tip that they come across. This may not be the best thing to do because you will only end up confusing your system with all these tips. Take enough time to pick your diet program or weight loss program instead of rushing through the selection process. Once you have identified the right dietician, try to adhere to the customized diet plan that you get from him or her. Allow your body enough time to respond to the diet. You will gradually notice the results. You should not keep track of your progress but you should not turn impatient even if your response rate is slow. If you keep switching from one program to the other you will only delay the results.