Cost and Style of an Engagement Ring: What to Think About

There was a time when conventional wisdom stated that an engagement ring should cost the equivalent of two months’ pay. As a direct result of this tendency, widespread use of this criterion has come to a standstill.

It’s probable that the fact that some couples are even given money to buy their own wedding and engagement jewelry will surprise you.

Before you take on any financial responsibility, you should carefully explore all of your options. You may have a collection of gothic engagement rings with silicone wedding bands.

Continue reading to learn about the various engagement ring alternatives available to you and how much money you should budget for each one. Remember that you and your partner will have to make a decision and that the conclusion you two reach will be absolutely unique. This is the final but most crucial one.

Limits of Your Budget

Make a plan for how you will spend your money and stick to it rather than gradually cutting back or selling off your most prized possessions. Although purchasing an engagement ring requires a significant financial expenditure, taking out a loan to pay for it is not essential to accomplish the desired result. Consider not only the criteria you used to select the ring but also the ring’s meaning.

There is little question that among the many various rings available in a wide range of sizes and designs, you will be able to discover something that meets all of your requirements while remaining within your budget. Even if you want the proposal to be a complete surprise for the future spouse, it is a good idea to discuss the future spouse’s preferences and dislikes, as well as the couple’s financial condition, before making the proposal. Your expense concerns will be addressed if it is proven that you and your company partner are looking at the same data.

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Wedding Bands

Rings are offered in a wide range of design variations. While not all rings have this feature, the great majority do. Given the foregoing information, it is critical that you become acquainted with the various ring settings available from shops today. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the Black Diamonds New York website, you may want to consider commissioning a custom-made piece of jewelry instead. Please visit with one of our advisers if you need help finding the perfect engagement ring.


For as long as anybody can remember, playing a single stone in solitaire by itself has been a popular option. It is simple and elegant, focusing the attention on the diamond at its core.

The first documented instance of a single engagement ring dates back to the Roman Empire. Rough diamonds set in gold jewelry used to be quite expensive when I was younger.

In 1477, an Austrian archduke gave the first diamond engagement ring to a woman as a gift. Diamond engagement rings became increasingly popular as a result of this.


The accent diamonds in pave diamond rings are put out in one or more rows along the band to create a magnificent design. You can do this on either one or both sides of the band. Pave rings come in a variety of shapes, such as rounds, squares, and triangles. The accent diamonds in pave rings are usually relatively small and have a simple cutting style.

The French term “pave,” which is pronounced “pah-vay,” derives from the language of love. The word “pave” is spelled “pah-vay.”

The Symbolic Three-Stone Ring’s Meaning

Three stones will be used, with one in the center and two on either side. This look goes well with a variety of high-priced jewelry pieces.

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Ring with Aura-Centering

Pavers are utilized to frame or ring a notable stone in this style. Many people regard the Aura ring to be the peak of 1920s fashion. This ring is gaining popularity again as a result of the 1980s making a reappearance in current fashion trends.

Bezel Decoration 

This is generally seen as the more modern alternative in today’s society. The stone is surrounded by a hand-crafted bezel made of various materials. You can choose between a full bezel and a half bezel for your watch.

A Foundation for Education in Diamonds

When shopping for jewelry, keep both your budget and your existing level of jewelry ability in mind. When trying to buy a diamond, there are a few factors to consider.

The carat unit of measurement is used by gemologists to determine the weight of a diamond. When referring to the weight of a diamond, one carat equals 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. One “point” equals one-tenth of a carat (one of the hundred components that make up a carat). As a result of this, we may acquire precise measurements down to the hundredth of a millimeter.

You may come across a very little diamond that is labeled in points rather than the more common carats or fractions of a carat that are used in retail settings to signify a diamond’s weight. This is due to the fact that points are a more exact measurement. It is incorrect to associate a diamond’s carat weight with its size.

Finding a diamond that is colorless in every way is extremely unusual. The rest of the material is colored in shades ranging from yellow to brown. A diamond is extracted from the soil and transported to a gem laboratory, where it is evaluated by a team of gemologists and rated (light yellow). Because of the scarcity and high market value of colorless diamonds, they are prohibitively expensive.

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Because diamonds are created at such great depths inside the earth, they can have both internal and external inclusions, which affects their clarity. The number of problems, the nature of those issues, and their placement is all thoroughly examined. A diamond’s clarity can be described using a scale ranging from “Piqué 3” to “Loupe Clean” (LC) (P3).

A diamond’s cut refers to how the stone’s intrinsic capacity to reflect light has been amplified by the development of the numerous facets and angles that cover its surface. A dull and unsightly diamond can be caused by a poor combination of facets and angles. A diamond with good angles and facets that interact well with light, on the other hand, can provide a wide range of visual effects. A high level of polish, symmetry, and proportion are the three prerequisites. The letter grades are Very Good (VG), Good (G), Excellent (EX), and Fair (F).


The first and most significant stage in the process should be to choose a ring that is meaningful to you on a personal level. Your partner will comprehend the gravity of the situation as soon as you take the first moves in that direction. When searching for the perfect ring, keep these practical and aesthetic aspects in mind.

The bond you share is more valuable than any piece of jewelry you may ever own. Choose a course of action that will make you happy while staying within the parameters of your budget.

When you’re ready to start shopping, Black Diamonds New York offers a wide range of possibilities. Visit to see an extensive catalog of all the rings and other products we offer.