Best Calorie Burning Options with Burpees

Burpee is a full-body aerobic exercise that improves your endurance, coordination, and strength.By doing burpee your body becomes a fat burning machine. According to scientific research, high-intensity exercise like burpees burn 50% more fat than moderate exercise. They also speed up your metabolism throughout the day.

How effective are burpees in burning calories

The intensity and amount of working muscles during exercise play a critical role in the loss of a large number of calories. By doing burpees, you burn more calories than you gain, which ultimately leads to weight loss.

Burpee is a crossfit exercise that involves performing several movements from different positions in one cycle at once. On average, a colossal amount of work is done in 10 minutes, where your own body acts as a projectile. This means that the process of losing weight occurs several times faster than with ordinary activities or exhausting diets.

Thus, the whole body is worked out and a large amount of energy is expended thanks to the burpee exercises. The benefits are obvious: fat is burned, the body’s endurance increases, and no additional equipment is needed for exercise, i.e. you can do your burpee workout at home, not in the gym. Now let us focus on how many calories do burpees burn.

Makes you stronger

How many calories does a burpee burn and how much should it burn?

Burpee is a great example of a functional whole body exercise. In each repetition, your chest, arms, quads, buttocks, and abs work for you.

How many calories does burpee burn?

Scientific research states that high-intensity exercise intervals burn 8-14 calories per minute. To ensure that you burn the maximum number of calories per minute, you need to give your best 100%. For example, if you weigh 70 kilograms and do burpees without stopping for an hour, you can burn about 563 calories.

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Let’s make it easy and do the maximum burpee per minute. Thus, on average, about 10 calories are obtained per minute, given that most people do from 10 to 20 burpees per minute, depending on the level of training.

Burpee return ladder

Start with 10 reps. Rest for the rest of the minute, then do 9 reps. Continue until you get to 1 repetition of burpee.

Thanks to workouts, burpees melt calories just before our eyes. According to scientist and trainer Jeff Godin, 1.43 kcal is spent on one burpee. If you do 7 or more burpees per minute, then you will already be able to reach two-digit calorie consumption per minute. It is recommended to bring the number of repetitions to at least 10 per minute. At a high rate of execution, 10 burpees equate to 30 seconds of cycling.