Your guide to muscles and hormones!

If you are someone who has been trying to bulk up but despite doing everything, there is some hindrance in doing so, chances are that your hormones are preventing it. It can become frustrating when you put the effort into maintaining a good diet and exercising but not getting the result. However, you should always check whether or not it is due to a healthy lifestyle. It has been observed that sleep patterns can affect and hinder growth as well. 

Hormones play an important role to keep our metabolism in check. When we do a workout, before and after the workout, several hormones are released. The muscles that are stimulated during exercises are then affected by these hormones. For seeing muscle growth, there are anabolic hormones that are supposed to be in a higher amount. These hormones include:

  1. Insulin
  2. Insulin-like growth factors
  3. Growth hormones
  4. Testosterone 

There are natural techniques to increase these hormones in your body to see some visible change. If you want to try increasing your hormones naturally you can ensure that your workouts are not more than one hour. Doing multiple exercises of each set can also contribute to this particular increase. Including compound exercises and ensuring that rest is taken in between that do not last more than one minute, can also contribute to the increase of testosterone. When you work out on your legs, it stimulates the largest muscles, which produces a higher amount of the hormone testosterone. 

Another hormone, as mentioned above that can contribute to building more muscle mass is the growth hormone. The growth hormone is known to support the development of skeletal muscle tissue and body strength. It also contributes to the elimination of body fat. Thus if you notice that there is increased body fat, there might be a decrease in the production of the growth hormone. It has been observed that the growth hormone production reduces with an increase in age. 

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This hormone is released during REM sleep. Hence, sleep plays an important role here. This time is utilized to repair your muscles. Exercise helps in releasing this hormone, especially some movements. You can also take peptides such as GHRP-2 (Thymosin Beta 4). These peptides can help you safely increase the growth hormone in your body if you see failed attempts even after trying everything. One should always consult a doctor when consuming these.

There are natural ways to increase the growth hormone in your body as well. Reducing the number of carbs that you consume in a day can contribute to an increased amount of growth hormone in your body. You can also shorten the duration of your workout to be able to see visible differences. The more intense and quick the session is, the more hormones can be released. 

These are the hormones that impact your workout results. Hence, if you are not seeing much changes, you must consider the lack of these and then tweak your lifestyle respectively.