Why You Should Be Sleeping on an Electric Adjustable Bed

If you’re in the market for an adjustable bed, you’ve probably noticed they come in two basic forms—electric and manual. If you’re not sure what the difference between these two types of beds is, you’re not alone—a lot of people don’t know how to compare them, either. That’s why we’ve created this guide on why you should be sleeping on an electric adjustable bed instead of a manual adjustable bed, complete with 4 reasons to give you enough insight to make the right choice about which kind of adjustable bed to get!

What is an electric adjustable bed? 

This is a bed that uses an electric motor to lift and lower your head and feet. It’s also known as a hospital bed, which you might have seen if you’ve ever been in one. Hospital beds are often set up to make life easier for patients who suffer from certain conditions, such as heart problems or neurological disorders, which can make it difficult to get comfortable at night. Since there are many different kinds of adjustable beds available these days, though, lots of people choose them not because they need to but because they find them more comfortable or convenient than regular beds.

Can you get finance for your electric adjustable bed? 

If you already have a bed in your home that you would like to replace with an electric adjustable bed, there is no need to worry. Even if you are in debt or don’t have any credit history, there are financing options available for you. Depending on your individual situation, it may be possible to get a loan for your new adjustable bed with favourable terms so that both your budget and sleep can enjoy improvements at once. Whatever financial route you choose to take though, rest assured that finance is available!

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How much space does an electric adjustable bed take up? 

The head and foot of a single adjustable bed can be adjusted independently of each other. This makes it easier to customize your position and feel comfortable while sleeping, whether you like to sleep on your back or side. Electric Adjustable Beds provide some nice benefits that justify their price tags: *If one side of your body hurts while you sleep (e.g., if you have sciatic pain), adjusting just one side of your bed helps relieve pressure and reduce pain levels. This can have good effects on your health and wellbeing.

What are other types of single adjustable beds?

Other types of single adjustable beds include motorized beds and hand-crank beds. These three types of adjustable beds (motorized, electric, and hand-crank) can be found in a number of different price ranges and styles. While they all use similar mechanisms to adjust each part, there are several key differences. For example, some electric adjustable beds allow you to raise your head as well as your legs, whereas others don’t. The same is true for motorized and hand-crank models: Motorized models usually adjust both up and down at once, while hand-crank models usually require that you turn one crank to raise just one side at a time.