What Job is Right for You? 


Most people don’t know what they want to do when they leave school. And as the time draws near to think about career options and college courses, panic often starts to set in. Because how can you know what you want to do until you try things? Unless you have always dreamed of being a musician or a doctor, for example, you might not have any idea of what your dream job will look like. Furthermore, very few people actually end up doing a job they really love. They are simply putting in the hours every week to pay the bills. So, how can you tell what job might be right for you? The following will help you to get an idea. 

Think About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

To get an idea about what kind of job you would be good at, think about your strengths. For example, if you are good with numbers, you may want to consider a job in accounting. If you are a kind and compassionate individual who wants to help others, then maybe nursing would be right for you. There are plenty of online tests that will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to gauge what kind of position you might be best suited to.

Similarly, consider what your weaknesses are. There is no point in saying that you don’t have any because everyone does. Think about the things that you don’t like. According to those at Find-A-Code.com (web platform where you can find medical codes), if you are not detail oriented, for example, then you would probably not want to consider a position that relies on accuracy. Looking for the correct CPT codes to assign to medical forms as a medical coder is one such position that relies on absolute accuracy and that would not suit someone who finds it difficult to pay attention to details. 

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Consider Your Likes and Dislikes

As well as thinking about your strengths and weaknesses, have a think about what you like and what you don’t. If you can find a role where you get paid for doing something that you enjoy, then you have found the dream job. There is a saying that says, ‘find a job you love doing and you will never work a day in your life’.

The best way to find a job you enjoy is to write down a list of things that you enjoy doing and then try to think of a job that would involve these interests. For example, if you love children then a teaching job might be the best choice for you. Or if you are passionate about health and fitness, then you might consider training to be a personal trainer or yoga instructor. For those who enjoy sitting behind the wheel of a car, there are many options including delivery driver, taxi driver, or driving instructor. 

What are Your Personality Traits

Your personality traits can also influence the type of job that you should choose. Those who are good communicators and extroverts would probably enjoy a job where they are able to interact with others on a daily basis. Social work and law are commonly chosen by those who are good communicators. 

On the flip side, introverts typically prefer jobs where they can work alone. Writing, data entry, and lab technicians are often popular with those who find it difficult to work as part of a big team. 


When considering your career path, try to find a job that will suit your personality traits and play to your strengths. You should look for a job that ties in your interests, this way you will be sure of finding a job you love.

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