What are the Main Causes of Dark Circles?

Dark circles are a common skin condition that can appear around the eye area, especially under the eyes. There are many different causes of dark circles, including aging and allergies (such as hay fever or dust mite allergies). Dark circles may also be caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays from sunlight or sun beds. 

In addition, dark circles can often be an indicator of poor health. You can go to medecine esthetique Clinicare professionals to treat your dark circles effectively. However, knowing the root cause is essential to keep dark circles at bay, even after the treatment.

Let us now look into the main causes of dark circles.

  • Irregular sleeping patterns

Dark circles are a common sign of poor sleep habits. If you have been skipping out on sleep for a few nights in a row, you may develop dark circles around your eyes. According to a study published in the Journal of Ophthalmology, people with dark circles often have “increased alertness and fatigue during the day and poor sleep quality at night.” 

  • Anemia

People with anemia may have dark circles under their eyes, due to chronic blood loss. Anemic individuals often experience fatigue, pale skin, and shortness of breath. In the human body, iron is very important in the formation of red blood cells that help deliver oxygen to organs and tissues throughout the body. When you have anemia, your blood cells may lack hemoglobin, which often results in dark circles or a pale complexion. 

  • Aging

As you age, the skin under your eyes may become thinner. This may cause dark circles to appear, especially if you are not getting enough nutrients to support your skin. For example, vitamin B3/niacin helps your body produce sufficient amounts of collagen, the key element that helps your skin hold up under pressure. 

  • Smoking
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When you’re lighting up a cigarette, a joint, or some other kind of tobacco product, it’s important to know that smoking can contribute to dark circles under the eyes. According to medical research, smoking can increase the risk of developing discolored blood vessels in the skin, which will ultimately show up as dark circles under your eyes. 

  • Dehydration

One of the more common causes of dark circles is dehydration. Dehydration is caused by fluid loss and can be a symptom of various medical conditions. It may cause your eyes to look puffy, with dark circles around them.