Three Reasons Why Airless Bottles Are Better Than Regular Pumps

When it comes to cosmetic packaging for creams and lotions, cosmetic jars and pump bottles have, traditionally, always been the most popular options. As of late, however, there is a new player in the market which popularity is rapidly increasing. This new type of packaging is also known as airless pump bottles. Although airless pump bottles are currently still a bit unknown in the industry, their popularity is rising rapidly. This is no surprise if you have a closer look at how these bottles work and what benefits they bring along over regular pump bottles and jars.

What separates airless bottles from regular pump bottles is their unique non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system that has replaced the traditional tube pump. As we all know, traditional pump bottles feature a long plastic tube inside of the bottle that is used to bring up lotions and creams. Airless bottles, on the other hand, feature an internal mechanical pump in the form of a disc which is located at the bottom. Every time you press the pump of an airless bottle, the disc located at the bottom slightly moves upwards – pressing the product up. By doing so, the product is forced up and will dispense through the pump. At first sight, this new vacuum dispensing mechanism might look interesting, and that’s about it. However, when we start to look at the additional benefits this dispensing mechanism brings along, the true usefulness of airless bottles becomes clear.

Throughout this article, we’ll have a closer look at the three main benefits that airless pump bottles have over regular pumps. This helps us to understand why airless bottles do not only look interesting, but also bring along a handful of benefits which actually makes them much better compared to regular pump bottles.

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No oxidation or gravity

The main benefit of having an airless (vacuum) packaging is the fact that external oxygen and moist cannot enter the bottles. This vacuum and airless environment plays a major role in preserving the quality of the product stored inside. Many products, especially those that are natural or organic, may be sensitive to external air or moist. By creating a vacuum environment, you no longer have to worry about your creams or lotions being spoiled by the external environment. As a result, not only the quality of the product stored inside will remain of the same level as it was when it was originally packed at all times, but the shelf life of the product will increase significantly as well. Thanks to this, airless bottles keep your product of the highest quality for a much longer period of time compared to regular pumps.

The vacuum design created by airless bottles furthermore results in the act that these bottles do not require gravity to dispense the product out of the nozzle. Unlike traditional pump bottles that can only be used standing upright, airless bottles can be used in any position. Whether you use the bottle sideways, upside down, left or right; the airless bottle will have the same dispensing power. This little feature significantly increases the user experience of the end user.

No product goes to waste

Most of us know the struggle of trying to get the remaining cream or lotion out of the bottle when using a regular pump. Because of the internal tube mechanism, a lot of product remains stuck around the sides and on the bottom of the bottle. The only way to get this product out and to not waste it is by opening the bottle and using a special tool. This can be quite a messy process and, while doing so, you allow air to enter your bottle which may affect the quality of the product stored inside.

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With airless bottles, the struggle to get every last bit of product out is an issue of the past. Thanks to the unique disc dispensing mechanism, your cream or lotion will be carefully pushed upwards with every pump. By doing so, the airless bottle leaves no remains inside of the bottle. At the moment your airless bottle no longer dispenses any goods, you can be guaranteed that it is 100% empty. This allows you to use all your product without ever having to open the bottle. Not only is this extremely convenient, it also helps to preserve the quality of the cosmetics inside up until the last drop is being used.

Environmentally friendly

Airless bottles bring along a number of environmental benefits over regular pump bottles. First of all, because airless bottles no longer require the internal plastic tube structure, less materials are used to produce the bottle which, simultaneously, results in less waste. This on its own already offers a major environmental benefit over the regular pump bottle.

On top of that, most airless bottles feature a fully reusable design. Once the bottle is empty, you can simply use a long object such as a pencil to press down the disc. Once the disc is at the bottom of the bottle again, give the bottle a quick clean, and it will be as good as new. By reusing your airless bottles, you will significantly reduce your impact on the environment through limiting your packaging waste. Besides, reusing your packaging materials also offers a great way to reduce your expenditure. If you’re looking for a unique and sustainable packaging for your cosmetic lotions or creams, airless bottles are certainly worth your consideration!

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