Steps for Speedy Jaw Surgery Recovery

South Carolina (SC) has been home to one of the most proactive dentist workforces in the US. Hence, if you are looking for complex dental operations, this location is well-equipped.

Over the years, there has been a rise of over 16% of licensed dentists in SC. It is thus possible to opt for expert services like orthognathic surgery in North Charleston, SC.

Regarding orthognathic surgeries, you might have several questions about the recovery period. Jaw operations can indeed be tricky. However, with the right advice, you can recover quickly from such a complex surgery.

This article explains how you can recover swiftly from an orthognathic procedure as a North Charleston resident.

Orthognathic Surgery in Simple Words

The primary purpose of orthognathic surgery is to correct jaw irregularities. This procedure is a corrective solution to realign your teeth.

In addition, jaw surgery can prove helpful in the following goals:

  • Improvement in facial appearance
  • Correct problems that can occur due to swallowing
  • Repair facial injuries
  • Relieve obstructive sleep apnea

With a robust orthodontic infrastructure in South Carolina, you can undergo this operation without much hassle.

Recovering Swiftly After a Jaw Surgery

Here are some of the main steps to ensure that you accelerate the process of recovery after rectifying your jawbone alignment.

  1. Focus on Adequate Rest

Right after orthognathic surgery, it is essential that you take sufficient rest. For this purpose, it is crucial to avoid strenuous activities.

Here are general tasks that you should avoid:

  • Bending
  • Lifting objects
  • Driving
  • Talking and drinking frequently

Also, it is crucial to avoid spitting to ensure minimal impact on the surgical wound. Any orthognathic surgery in North Charleston, SC dental expert will offer such recommendations.

  1. If Possible, Follow Liquid Diet
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An orthodontist will suggest consuming liquid food for a set duration. This advice is to prevent unwanted pain and reduce the use of the jaw.

In the process, you will chew minimally, ensuring less use of your jaw.

Here are some of the options for your diet:

  • Soups
  • Apple juice
  • Milkshake
  • Carrot juice

Ensure that you use a blender to convert nutritional food into its liquid form. After all, a balanced diet is crucial for a speedy recovery.

  1. Use Cold and Hot Compress

If you notice swelling on your face, apply ice for at least half an hour. You can follow this step for at least the first two days.

In addition, contacting a Jaw Surgeon in North Charleston is crucial if you observe pus in your mouth. This sign of infection needs quick treatment from an experienced professional.

  1. Practice Jaw Exercises as per Recommendation

In most cases, your surgeon will suggest specific jaw exercises after ten days of the operation. For instance, you will need to move the jaws forwards and backward slowly.

You should also take care to limit the exercise to avoid muscle strain. Remember, the motion of your jaw will regain gradually.

Summing Up

Proper diet, cold and hot compress, rest, and gradual motion can help recover quickly after jaw surgery. In addition, you should also maintain oral hygiene and elevate your head while sleeping.

Availing of modern dental services in South Carolina clinics is the first step to rectifying your jaw issues. So, ensure that you choose reliable surgeons in the state. After all, experienced medical professionals can suggest additional tips for a swift recovery depending on your condition.

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