Look at The Skincare Label – Know How to Read It Correctly

When buying a product from the stores, it is essential to check what the products contain, especially skincare products. You can attain the desired results only if they have the right ingredients in appropriate quantities. The cosmetics available in the stores contain a label approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Most people will buy the products without reading the product label.

By reading the label, you will get a better understanding of ingredients, chemicals, and botanicals used in the manufacturing process of personal care and cosmetic products. With this, you can compare the products with other brands and choose the right one for you.

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The label on the product tells a lot about it. Generally, skincare products differ from one to the other based on few factors, such as skin type, age, and skin problems. In this article, you can learn a few things that help you in reading the label correctly.

Ingredients list

The first thing you have to check on a product label is the ingredients list. Generally, it is available on the back or front side of a bottle. Having more ingredients means the product is tested over the animals. Usually, organic skincare products will have fewer ingredients because they are holistic-based and less processed.

The quantity of ingredients is stated in the decreasing order, the higher quantity ingredient on the top and low quantity ingredient at the bottom. Although a few products claim they are organic oil-based but contain only 1%, which is mentioned at last. So, be aware of such misleading information.

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If the product label refers to alcohol-free – it is free of ethyl alcohol, but still, it may contain some other alcohols like stearyl, cetyl, lanolin, or cetearyl. These are considered fatty alcohols, which may dry your skin.

Look at the parentheses

How to read a beauty product label | Be Beautiful India

The names of the ingredients are too long, so they are often going with the common name. These names are listed next to the chemical name.

Ingredients source

Each product comes either with a green color dot or a red one. The Green dot indicates – made with plant sources, and the Red dot indicates – made with animal sources.

Warning signs

The important thing you have to focus on when purchasing a product is checking the warning signs. A few products contain warning signs, such as avoid using close to the areas of eyes, nose, or over the sensitive skin, etc. You have to look at these signs to avoid skin reactions.


It means the product is less likely to cause allergic reactions when compared to others. Even though there are no particular definitions that regulate the word hypoallergenic, but it is popular with cosmetic products.

In addition to the above, also look at the other things, including product shelf life, testing process, and others. Many online stores offer top-rated beauty products, choose the best one, and order today to enhance your beauty.