Get Glowing With this Advanced Fractional Bio-Infused System: Cleopatra™

Do you ever dream of having flawless glowing skin with an even tone? Are you disappointed with the bunch of iconic beauty brands available on the market to select the right product? Don’t be so confused.

Dansys Group is here to help you. For all skin types, the treatment given by our Cleopatra™ brand is an advanced fractional bio-infusion system, can provide instant and long-lasting results.

Many studies have shown that air pollution is bad as unsafe exposure to the hot summer sun which is bad for the skin. Dark spots, uneven skin tone, skin aging (wrinkles), acne issues, itchy dry skin, and many others are a few of the symptoms of airborne contaminants.

Not only does pollution affect the health of your skin, but your dietary habits also play a vital role. Dermatologists primarily recommend that the use of green leafy vegetables and fruits helps to achieve perfect skin.

Finally, to get beautiful skin, they are in search of a convenient and simple solution. Many people waste a lot of money and energy exploring natural remedies to get rid of their skin problems and bring their skin to life. Some individuals who do not have much time will depend on branded beauty products blindly.

If you’re a person who spends huge dollars and more hours looking for famous beauty items, and yet your skin doesn’t get the glow you are looking for, then you’re probably doing it all wrong. And it’s time to turn to Cleopatra™, an advanced fractional bio-infusion system, for skincare treatment.

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What is Cleopatra™?

Cleopatra™ is an advanced fractional bio-infusion system that is the latest and the best method to rejuvenate your skin. Cleopatra™ provides skin treatment employing vacuum-assisted closed-circuit pressure coupled with state-of-the-art proprietary treatment. It helps to build the transdermal delivery mechanism for the first bio-stimulation.

The advanced bio-active serum is injected deep into the skin by Cleopatra™, which helps to provide an unrivaled effect in the treatment of the skin. The bio-active serum infused in the Cleopatra™ consists of a combination of Exfoliation & Evacuation, Micro-channeling, Deep Dermal Infusion, and Cellular Regeneration.

Need for the Cleopatra™ treatment


Targeted Lymphatic Drainage Cupping Therapy cleanses and removes specks of dirt to get brighter, healthier skin.

  • To increase the efficacy of the following therapies, alleviate stress and relax the muscles
  • A massage targets the lymphatic system to help drain chemicals that can cause clogged pores, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.

Exfoliate & Evacuate:

Exfoliation, Evacuation, and Infusion of Advanced BioActive Serums via Vacuum-Assisted Dermal Abrasion.

  • Extract and cleanse, producing radiant skin.
  • Reveals, without pain, fresh skin illumination, and evening skin tone.
  • Death cells, dust, and impurities are removed.
  • To treat skin disorders, Advanced Bio-Active Serums are simultaneously injected.


Infusion of Advanced Bio-Active Serums via micro-channeling or Vacuum Assisted Infusion.

  • Inventive micro-channel design, delivering advanced bio-active serums deep into the skin, increasing the production of collagen and elastin, promoting the process of skin repair.
  • The gentle pressure of the sealed vacuum system makes it possible to deeply infuse bio-active serums that hydrate and fix unique skin problems.
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In a single therapy, all these processes are carried out, which implies it is also a time-saving one. The treatment is intended to treat all forms of skin and offers exceptional outcomes as well


With an abrasive strip, this technology has a special square head design that can be used for balanced exfoliation and evacuation With a combined injection into the skin, this procedure carries out controlled exfoliation and clearing.


ClearFrac™ is a special fractional bio-infusion that works with different needles under a closed-circuit vacuum, that triggers the active microchannel. For superior cosmetic results, it enhances the dermal infusion of active serums.

LED light therapy

LED lights help to develop a smooth complexion and perfect skin. Redness in the skin is minimized and prolonged inflammation is decreased. These RED, GREEN and BLUE LED lights are immediately allowed into the skin after exfoliation and fractional bio-infusion, which provides skin tightening. It gives your skin an additional boost, achieving perfect skin.

The bio-active infusion used by our Cleopatra™ – an advanced fractional bio-infusion system is of four types.

ClearSkin – AcneProneSkin

This bio-active infusion supplies nourishment, and healthy skin. It helps preserve the textures of the skin and boosts radiance.

HexBrite – PigmentDisorders

This is another bio-active infusion that helps to minimize the process of melanin formation that contributes to skin lighting. It helps to minimize the presence of age spots while also helping to inhibit tyrosinase and also promoting cellular renovation.

PrevenOx-C – PowerfulAnti-Oxidant

This serum is used to boost the production of collagen and elastin. It has good antioxidant properties that positively affect the texture of the skin. It is the most effective serum used in the treatment process for reducing inflammation and reducing dryness. It also prevents the signs of depression and gives the skin the requisite hydration.

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HydraBoost – Deep Hydration

This serum offers ultra-hydration and nourishment to the skin. This helps to activate the involucrin and filaggrin process. It provides the skin with hyaluronic acid that helps to enhance collagen and ensures long-lasting hydration.

Benefits of Cleopatra

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Minimize pore size and helps skin tightening.
  • Enhances skin tone, brightens dull and dry skin.
  • Prevent hyperpigmentation and rejuvenates your skin.

To Wind Up

Dansys Group is one of the leading medical aesthetic equipment distributors in the UAE. The team has professional medical experts to get satisfying treatment.

Dansys Group aims to provide excellent outcomes that people expect and strive to achieve. Not only can we have safe and efficient products, but we are also responsive to the latest life-changing technology while ensuring unparalleled outcomes.

We, Dansys Group, is one of the partners for many well-known distributors. We take every effort to help them perceive growth opportunities in the region. We are primarily a dynamic organization, engaged in exploring new frontiers that inspire us.