Fotona Hair Growth Laser: How It Works

Many individuals suffer from hair loss and hair thinning. The scalp, similar to the skin, may eventually lose the hydration and nutrients required for healthy hair development. With a rising demand for non-surgical hair restoration procedures, specialists in aesthetic clinics in Singapore can provide the groundbreaking Fotona Laser.

What exactly is the Fotona Hair Growth Laser in Singapore?

The Fotona Hair Growth Laser is an outstanding technology that provides a variety of minimally-invasive procedure options with no downtime. This innovative method uses laser radiation to provide reliable, safe, and natural-looking hair restoration outcomes. It has been shown in clinical studies to promote natural hair growth in only a few brief sessions. This innovative technology, which combines Er:YAG and Nd:YAG wavelengths, is efficient at penetrating the deepest hair follicles and scalp layers to promote the natural healing process. It stimulates the synthesis of hair growth proteins such as elastin and collagen in order to promote natural hair renewal. It also helps with blood circulation. It does more than only provide enough blood flow to the follicles. The laser light also aids in the microcirculation of vital nutrients to them.

The cellular reaction results in less hair loss as a consequence of the regulated and moderate bulk-heating caused by low-level laser beams. This, paired with improved hair renewal, results in the hair you’ve always desired. The only issue is that the outcomes might differ from individual to individual. The outcomes provide restored hair growth for natural-looking yet obvious results.

What You Can Expect from the Procedure

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An initial consultation is conducted, as with any cosmetic procedure, to design a treatment regimen that’s suited to your unique requirements and aesthetic objectives.

The unique laser handheld piece is placed to the intended treatment region during therapy.

The Fotona Hair Growth Laser technology then proceeds to supply combined energy to the target hair follicles deep under the scalp’s surface. These customized wavelengths are given with unrivaled safety and speed, with little to no pain. As a consequence, a biological reaction is triggered inside the scalp’s underlying layers. The body’s natural collagen synthesis is stimulated, which aids in the repair of damaged tissue. Healthy regeneration of tissue is also fostered, which efficiently repairs and replaces damaged hair follicles. After the treatment, your scalp is restored with vital hydration and nutrients in order to restore natural hair growth.

What Is the Erbium YAG Laser?

The Erbium YAG in the Fotona Hair Growth Laser treatment generates an energy light wavelength that causes the hair cycle to change from the resting to the growing phase. The hair growth laser not only provides the essential energy for hair development, but it also aids in the distribution of oxygen and nutrients to your hair roots. The following are some of the advantages of using an Erbium YAG hair laser:

Even though every patient’s pain tolerance is different, the hair growth laser of Erbium YAG is said to cause minimal discomfort.

Non-surgical therapy that does not need injections – The Erbium YAG laser generates light that penetrates the scalp without needing injections or an incision.

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Suitable for both women and men with thinning hair – Hair growth laser is extensively advocated as an effective and safe hair growth therapy for people with thinning hair.

Hair growth laser works perfectly with any healthy scalp care program, apart from getting an excellent track record of getting no adverse effects.

Common Causes Patients Use Hair Growth Lasers

Hair laser may treat a variety of reasons of hair loss, including:

Hormone – Hormones are the most prevalent cause of hair loss in both men and women, which may be addressed with hair laser treatment at some of Singapore’s leading beauty clinics.

Age – Hair thinning and loss are common in the elderly. Hair laser treatments may help lessen the degree of hair loss and boost growth.

Family history – Although hereditary hair loss cannot be repaired, therapies like laser therapy might help encourage hair growth.

Postpartum hair loss – Within giving birth, some women have bald spots or hair thinning, which normally returns after a couple of months. If not, a hair growth laser might be able to assist in treating the issue.