Everything You Need To Know About The Third Vaccine (Booster Shot)

The UK government established several protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic to control the spread of the disease and minimise the risk of infection. These include self-quarantine rules, mask requirements, physical distancing mandates, and coronavirus testing, to name a few.

COVID tests were valuable tools in determining a person’s health status, especially if they plan to travel to or come from international destinations. Individuals must present a fit to fly COVID test to prove that they are at low risk of transmitting the disease. Depending on the country’s requirements, a person may take an RT-PCR test or a rapid antigen test for travel.

People needed to follow these regulations as they waited for developments on the creation of COVID-19 vaccines. Like other diseases, the novel coronavirus can be weakened through the administration of a vaccine. Once a person receives their COVID-19 jab, their antibody levels are increased to fight against the infection.

When the novel coronavirus vaccines were finally ready, countries across the globe increased their efforts to ensure citizens would complete their doses. They aim to achieve herd immunity, which is considered the key to the resumption of normal activities and economic recovery.

As the world enters the fourth quarter of 2021, the UK government seeks to offer COVID-19 booster shots for their citizens. This third dose is meant to prolong the effectiveness of the protective immunity given by the vaccine.

Completely vaccinated individuals will be offered a booster dose at least six months after receiving their second dose. The National Health Service (NHS) will inform eligible people regarding the schedule of their third jab. After receiving the booster shot, a person may feel the same side effects as the first two doses. However, if their symptoms indicate possible COVID-19 infection, they must take an RT-PCR or a rapid antigen test right away to know their health condition.

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See this infographic from Harley Medic International about everything you need to know about the third vaccine.