COVID-19: What is Herd Immunity, and how does it work?

Governments across the globe implement vaccination programs to achieve herd immunity or population immunity. This phenomenon happens when the effects of individual immunity against disease are scaled to the population size.

According to some studies, vaccination is the most prevalent method to enable the body to fight and protect against the virus. But herd immunity may also be achieved through natural infection or when the majority of the population gets the disease and recovers. Antibodies are produced in an individual due to existing or previous ailments. However, in natural infection, gaining population immunity may be risky and result in reinfection.

The advantages of vaccinations to get herd immunity can be seen in other diseases like measles and mumps. These illnesses were prevalent before, but they are now uncommon in most countries.

Still, people should keep in mind that receiving their complete COVID-19 jabs does not guarantee 100% immunity against the virus. Although the vaccine can provide protection, utmost caution and adherence to health protocols are still ideal practices. This goes especially for travellers to prevent disease transmission across borders.

If their destination is Europe, travellers need to identify the vaccines authorised for use in the EU. They also need to present a fit to travel COVID test to indicate their health status. Also, it is vital to note that the type of COVID test required for travel may differ across territories. Before getting one, individuals should check first the coronavirus test accepted in their destination country.

To learn more about the topic, keep reading this infographic provided by Official Rapid Tests that discusses COVID-19 herd immunity and how it works.

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