5 Reasons to be a Nurse in the UK

Nursing is much more than a job, it’s an opportunity to make a positive impact to people’s lives every single day. You are paid to show compassion, provide care and be there for patients who are sick, vulnerable or going through awful times. In multiple studies nursing is shown to be one of the most rewarding careers anyone can have. Still not convinced? Here’s five reasons why you should become a registered nurse in the United Kingdom.

  1. You’ll never be out of work

When people lose their jobs it can be really hard to get another, especially if you are skilled and therefore there are limited jobs available in a certain sector. However, nursing bucks that trend. With a growing population, especially an elderly population, jobs in a hospital or a different care setting will always be available no matter where you live in the country. The NHS is the largest recruiter in the UK so hundreds of jobs are posted each week.

  1. The pay & benefits are great

As a nursing student you can get large bursaries, which helps towards your study costs. After taking the appropriate nursing courses, an NHS nurse will start their career on about £24,000 and this can quickly rise with experience. Some advanced specialist nurses are earning up to £72,000 per year. There are also opportunities to be an agency nurse which often pay £17-£26 an hour, but sometimes more depending on the role. Along with the pay there are multiple benefits if you’re an NHS healthcare worker, such as the free life insurance for nurses as part of the pension scheme.

  1. Flexible Working Hours
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Whilst it’s true that nurses often work long hours at a time, this is often followed by long periods of time off work. A common shift pattern is 4 days of working in a row followed by 3 days off, or even longer. There are also multiple opportunities for part-time work in the sector.

  1. A Range of Opportunities

Your job can see you experiencing many scenarios, such as working with doctors, supporting mental health, working alongside international nurses or members of the midwifery council. Working with other nursing students and healthcare professionals from all backgrounds can give you a real sense of personal and professional development.

  1. Work Outside of the United Kingdom

The NHS is recognised around the world as providing high quality nursing courses through both universities and placements. Whether you’re doing adult nursing or working in care homes, you can take your nursing degree/experience and work in destinations across the world. It’s a profession that is truly global.