4 Benefits of Primary Eye Care 


We all know the benefits of exercising, eating right, and regular medical checkups. But do you know that all these are crucial in maintaining healthy eyes? 

Learning what to do is vital in maintaining eye health. The good thing, the benefits are life-long. 

Many eye problems are asymptomatic and may not show any outward signs. As such, you may not know that such a problem exists. Practicing preventative eye care helps in the early diagnosis and treatment of any eye problem. 

During a regular eye exam at OptoPlus | Optométriste eye clinic, the doctor will check your vision and determine whether you’ll need contact lenses or not. If you already have them, the doctor will assess whether you still need them or a change in prescription is necessary. 

Why is Eye Care Important? 

Sight is the most important of all the five senses. Without proper eye care, other body parts are also at risk of injuries. Otherwise, how’d you know that danger lurks ahead? 

Your eyes offer a main way of perceiving the environment and sharing your thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Remember, the eyes communicate more about you as a person than any sentence you make. 

Here are the benefits of good eye care. 

  • Improves Your General Health 

Good eye health works to improve your external appearance, raising your overall health status. But how? 

Well, improving your appearance boosts the esteem and confidence levels by making you feel good. The result, production, and circulation of good hormones inside your body. 

  • Prevents Eye Injuries 

Good eye care requires you to select the right eyewear for your lifestyle. Doing so prevents over 90 percent of injuries to the eye and the surrounding area. 

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Always have the right eyewear at work, home, or in athletic events. For instance, sports goggles may protect your eyes against glares and injuries. 

  • Early Detection of Eye Problems 

Most eye problems may result in partial or permanent blindness. The worst part, some of these problems do not show any serious signs. 

Regular eye care makes you aware of your vision. With this, you can note even the slightest chance of eyesight. Be sure to visit a doctor once you notice a slight change in eyesight. 

  • Better Brain Function 

Do you know that 80% of your brain activity is associated with vision? Yes, a healthy brain requires sharp eyesight. 

Remember, the brain is a vital organ that helps us in decision-making and respond to aggressors. A healthy relationship between the brain and eyes is important for us to enjoy a better and more fulfilling life. 

But that’s not all! 

The eyesight is what connects us to the universe. It helps us appreciate the beautiful forces of nature. Otherwise, how’d differentiate between items if you cannot see them? 


Your eyes play a vital role beyond normal vision. Taking steps to promote and improve eye safety can prevent specific injuries and diseases. It also makes it easier to note changes and consult an optometrist faster for corrective action.