A Few Effective Ways To Save Your Hair Before Losing All

When you start noticing the hairline receding, FUE hair transplants will get your attention. FUE stands for follicular extraction unit. it is an effective, realistic hair transplant method that is gaining popularity day by day. With new FUE hair transplant procedures, men and women can permanently redistribute their own growing hair follicles to thinning regions. So what are the others who do not undergo this treatment?  Do you really like to see your hair coming out? No way at all.  We’re sharing here the most favorite ways including PRP Toronto to save your hair until too late:


When you have an inherited hair loss disorder, it is not as easy as opening up a multivitamin to get your hair back. However, if your hair is unexpectedly falling or abruptly changes due to nutritional deficiencies or a bad diet, you may require supplements to get back your hair on track. Deficiency of protein, iron, zinc, and folic acid in hair leads to hair loss. It is not safe to take these medicines without the prescription of a doctor. So, please contact a specialist to know you are taking the right medicines.


If your hair is falling, it’s time to change your shampoo. Note that no miracle shampoo can get back your hair as we see in advertisements, but a carefully crafted product will help mitigate hair loss and keep the scalp in fine condition. It can even help the hair feel much thicker. Identify vitamin and mineral shampoos for scalp wellness and stimulation.

PRP Hair Treatment

Plasma Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) uses your blood platelets to promote hair growth.  A tiny blood sample is collected in the office to analyze, and then the clear plasma and platelets are extracted to inject. With tiny needles, this formulation is then inserted directly into hair roots. This is a natural therapy that has shown very bright outcomes and causes little risks. This therapy is meant for when who don’t want a surgical reaction.


You might hear of Rogaine, Propecia, or topical treatment that usually comes in pills. However,  Propecia is only meant for males.

Rogaine (minoxidil) works as a vasodilator that gets the oxygen to the hair roots. When individuals initiate a Rogaine, they often shed hair before new and powerful hair develops to replace them. Some individuals describe mild to halted hair loss, but this will disappear with the drug discontinued.